February 16, 2016

Historical Records - History in the Making (2016) Out now!

The Historical Records collective and record label releases their highly-anticipated full length studio-album, consisting of 16 tracks - featuring all members of the collective as well as many other emcees and producers, considered some of the most respected artists in todays independent Hip-Hop scene. See track listing for all features.

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Track Listing:
01. Children of the Stars Feat. Tone Styles, Hugh Hefty, Spirit of Truth, & K-Davenom
02. Livin Wild Feat. K-Davenom, D. Swift, Spirit of Truth, M.O.P., Wutzhizface, & Path
03. Molly in the Candy Bowl Feat. Wutzhizface, Spirit of Truth, Oblivious, & K-Davenom
04. Set Fire Feat. Spirit of Truth, Path, & Hollow
05. Emerge Feat. Spirit of Truth, Likewise, K-Davenom, & Hugh Hefty
06. I Speak Feat. Hollow, Spirit of Truth, Likewise, & K-Davenom
07. New Road Feat. D. Swift, Spirit of Truth, & Path
08. Turn the Page Feat. K-Davenom, Spirit of Truth, & Path
09. Underdogs Feat. K-Davenom, Likewise, Hollow, 2sik, Wutzhizface, Spirit of Truth, & M.O.P.
10. Shackled Feat. M.O.P., Wutzhizface, & Likewise
11. Shadow Realm Feat. Likewise, Wutzhizface, D. Swift, M.O.P., K-Davenom, Spirit of Truth, Relapze, & Oblivious
12. Conspiracy Theory Feat. D. Swift, & Spirit of Truth
13. Hip Hoppers Anthem Feat. K-Davenom, Midflex, & Spirit of Truth
14. No Looking Back Feat. K-Davenom, Hollow, Spirit of Truth, & Inigma Solva
15. Watch Us Grow Feat. K-Davenom, M.O.P., B. Perfect, Spirit of Truth, Path, Hollow, 2sik, & Wutzhizface

Album: History in the Making
Artist(s): Historical Records (Various Artists)
Year: 2016
Release Date: January 31, 2016
Record Label: Historical Records
Buy: Amazon

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