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Interview with Lunatic 8

KdawG and his hip-hop magazine, "Spiritual Revolutionary Hip Hop" , talked to Lunatic 8 about the time that has passed, his debut album, influences, the society, hip hop in general, his style and position in the game, and his upcoming Mixtape projects.

S-R-H-H: Hello, Lunatic 8. How are you?

Lunatic 8: I'm doing really really well, thanks for asking! How about yourself?

S-R-H-H: I'm glad to hear that. Well, I'm great. Interesting to finally do this interview.

Lunatic 8: So am I KdawG! I really really am!

S-R-H-H: Great! And thanks for asking by the way

S-R-H-H: First I would like to ask you, who is Lunatic 8?

Lunatic 8:
Lunatic 8 is the name of an artist with a crazy style. It is the beginning of lunacy, madness, and hip-hop. He died and now is Re-born into a more sicker style. You feel me? Lunatic 8 is the lord of hip-hop.

Yeah. So, what is Lunatic's style? Which branch do you belong to under hip-hop? Are you the type with the conscious lyrics?

Lunatic 8: To be honest my friend, I have never sat down and thought about that (laughs). I was a real big fan of Horrorcore when I started off making music. However, in the latest years of my life. I decided to establish myself to the conscious part of hip-hop. I lately been talking about my life: struggles, break ups, pain, joy, and anger. I do from time talk about how society is messed up and needs fixing: government, politics, and our children of the world. You feel me G?

S-R-H-H: Yeah, no doubt Fam. It's that real hip-hop. The underground consists of many different styles, but in common they got that they all are the real deal. I feel you.

S-R-H-H: When we speaking about society; Anything you feel that has to be changed?

Lunatic 8: Well the focus on issues and problems, it makes me sick how we focus on issues that have nothing to do with anything for example: Kim Kardashian's divorce, Snooki's pregancy, etc. While major issues like "50 Mexicans died today crossing the border", "Education is at a new low". I believe that to fix problems of government, economy, human rights, etc. We need to start off with that is truly important and what is not. Then, only then, do we as a species have a chance to fix more problems. It does not happen only in the U.S.A. I'm pretty sure,in other countries as well.

S-R-H-H: Yes, you definitely got some points there, Lunatic. The society is fucked up, huh? While there is a lot of important stuff going on, we are only sustained by celebrities and other brain-dead and unimportant
news and information through the mainstream-media and people around us.

Lunatic 8: I agree my homie, that's why I chose hip-hop and not radio rap. Hip-hop speaks truth whether it be brutal, conscious, love, etc.

S-R-H-H: Definitely! Hip Hop is a big movement, and I'm pretty sure the most real artists stand for peace, love and unity, whether they rap about society or about their own lives. That's not the case with the mainstream, those artists just fool the masses down, and get us focused on material objects.
So, let's get more into your music. Do you have any artists you've been particularly inspired by? It can be anything, hip hop artists, or artists from other genres?

Lunatic 8: I will not lie, my biggest inspiration is Necro! Necro is the illest there is! He is like God to me! Necro has had the best marketing and business plan for an indepent artist. My other big influence is Cage, he taught me change is possible. He taught me it's never too late to do something new. Some other influences I've had are people like Ill Bill, Slaine, Sabac Red, Immortal Technique, K-Rino, Zenit, Psych-Ward, Lord-Lhus. I can go on and on, but that names most of my inspirations.

S-R-H-H: Pretty dope. Necro has undoubtedly been very hard-working and done great things for hip hop. not to mention all the epic beats he has made. My personal favorites go back to... yeah, you know like
Poetry In The Streets from Gory Days, and a lot of the productions on The Pre-Fix For Death is also classic. But, we are not there to talk about me right know.

Lunatic 8: (Laughs) it's all good, let chat about our favorite music sometime though? Off the record (Laughs)

S-R-H-H: (Laughs) No doubt, we could do that some time. But for now, we gonna talk about you and your music.

S-R-H-H: Let's talk a bit about your album. You released your first solo album this year. Lunatic 8 Goes To Hell, which was to be found on Were you satisfied with the finished result, and have you received any feedback from your solo debut?

Lunatic 8: This album is all my pain, hardwork, and tears into one. I worked very hard on it, I have to thank my producer for it. Shit was fucking up left and right in this album, I wanted to give up, but I couldn't if I did I'd fail everyone supporting me. For the most part alot of people have liked it, only my haters have said it sucks. Ofcourse, you can never keep the haters happy, that's a fact. This album marks the my new beginning. I'm not 100% satisfied, but hey it's my first album I can't be to hard on myself about it. There is time for sicker albums later on homie.

S-R-H-H: No doubt, I feel you. Know what you talking about. It was your solo album, and you did gave the listeners a honest album, with good productions and some impressive lyrics.

S-R-H-H: What's your personal favorite joint from the album?

Lunatic 8: I love them all equally! To be honest the track that I'm really proud of is "A torn farewell" and "Citizen Soldier". I love the beats for both those songs, my homie! You asked a real hard question! (laughs). Those two are probably the ones I love most.

S-R-H-H: (Laugh) You are supposed to think hard through this interview. nah just kidding. But I can understand that, it's not easy to pick one specific track if you enjoy them all. My personal favorite is
Peace walker who I made the unofficial video for, maybe the pictures also helps people to realize the lyrics even more. It's an important message you got in that song.

Lunatic 8: People like that track too and a lot! I really wanted to prove a lot of points in that song, and how we need peace not war. I hope people feel the message or else I don't know what.

S-R-H-H: Ha ha,no doubt. It seems like that some people never really understand the point in some songs, however, as it is so clearly. I really like this quote "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." by Leo Tolstoy.

Lunatic 8: I agree my man, change happens now. Not tomorrow, new years eve, or whatever. Now or never to truly change one has to change inside.

S-R-H-H: No doubt Fam. Anyway. You are going to release two new Mixtapes, and that was the main reason why we doing this interview. What can the listeners expect on the upcoming Mixtapes?

Lunatic 8: Well I'm hoping to make a double release date for my two new Mixtapes "True Grit" and "Return of the Sixth Samurai". True Grit is focused on some gritty dirty hip-hop, bring back a little bit of my old style and at the same time incorporating my new style. True Grit will be available on my website free for download and on physical format. "Return of the Sixth Samurai" will be online only, though I'm still considering if there should be some limited edition copies for the loyal fans. "Return of the Sixth Samurai" will be somewhat of a new style, not so much craziness, but I put a lot of lyrical word play into that Mixtape.

S-R-H-H: Aight, it sounds very promising. Two Mixtapes at the same time, what more can the fans expect? Will there be any featured artists or producers on that projects?

Lunatic 8: I would say that fans will expect a whole new Lunatic 8. It's the Return of Lunatic 8, I haven't released a Mixtape in a long time. Unfortunately some artists that I wanted to be featured in it could not make it on the final cut due to conflicts, though my producer ToneTonic makes a special appearance. Without him, there would be no sick production behind my music, albums, or Mixtapes (thanks Tone!). What I can tell the fans is that these two Mixtapes will rock their world and be fans will be jamming out to my tracks for days. So fans! Expect a lot of emotion, a lot of non-conformity to mainstream rap, a lot of passion, a lot of word play, and a lot of nerd references!

S-R-H-H: OK, I understand. That's dope anyway, I guess we all are happy to hear you and your producer is working hard to get out to the fans with the Mixtapes without any help, tho. It's the right way to go up in this industry. You just got to work hard all the way, and in the end you get your recognition.

S-R-H-H: Do you got any release date for this projects yet, or is it to early to say something about that? How many tracks can the fans expect on the two Mixtapes separately? 

Lunatic 8: I'm hoping to go for an August release, it's a little bit early to get real specific. "True Grit" has about 9 tracks in it. While "Return of the Sixth Samurai" has about 6 tracks. That's like almost 15 tracks.

S-R-H-H: Alright. That's a start! We really looking forward to this projects, and I guess we will get updated as soon as the release date approaches. 

S-R-H-H: We begin to approach the end of the interview, but I think it's OK to add an additional question here. Where do you see yourself in the game right now?

Lunatic 8: Well likewise, I think my work is cut out for me. I'm definitely doing better than these locals cats spam tagging the motherfucking shit out of their friends on Facebook and You Tube. To be honest I think I've come far from my early day in high school passing my raps and CD's to these punk kids, people know my name no joke. I've definitely worked hard man no doubt, payed a lotta dues. My spiritual side tells me, the best is yet to come for it's not over till I say it's over! I thank God for giving me my blessing, such as this interview. It's definitely the year of the Lunatic 8. No, make that decade!

S-R-H-H:  No doubt your done things this year, releasing your first solo, debut album, out on UGHH, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Congratulations! And I'm Sure it has more to come. I'm also glad you appreciate the love you get from Spiritual Revolutionary Hip Hop.

Lunatic 8: Thanks man, I know for a fact man that your going far too homie. I got mad love for S-R-H-H, no fucking joke. I recommend everyone to peep your page and website. Thank you for having me man! See you at the top!

S-R-H-H: Thank you very much homie. I'm doing this for the love of the culture, and to get the real shine to artists that deserves it. We need more attention to the real lyrics, and then I believe we will also get a better earth in the end of the day. And I bet this isn't the last time we talking to you on this page. So people just watch out, it's more to come both from Luantic 8 and Spiritual Revolutionary Hip Hop.

S-R-H-H: Do you have anything special to say or something you want to share with the readers before we end the interview? 

Lunatic 8: I'd like to thank all my homies and fans for all the game you gave me! I was very poor, but with your support I became an amazing artist! Visit!


Visit Lunatic 8 on:

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