April 11, 2016

Epidemic - 4 Dimensions On A Paper (2016) Out Now!

Hip-Hop super-duo Hex One & Tek-Nition as Epidemic is out with their 4th album entitled "4 Dimensions On A Paper", released through Mic-Theory Records! With productions from Boora, Da Eighth, Figub Brazlevic, Jewbei, Planet Ragtime, SicknessMP, and The Loop.Holes, as well as guest appearances from Chad Bazel and Melanin 9.

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Track Listing:
01. Bout That Time (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
02. Believe That (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
03. Do What You Like  (Produced by Boora)
04. Styles (Produced by SicknessMP)
05. Insignificance (Interlude) (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
06. All I Need (Produced by Jewbei)
07. Four Dimension on a Paper (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
08. Can't Get Enough  (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
09. Countdown  (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
10. Orbits (Interlude)  (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
11. Space Travelin'  (Produced by SicknessMP)
12. Metempsychosis (Produced by Planet Ragtime)
13. Seasunz Feat. Melanin  9 (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
14. From The Beginning (Produced by Figub Brazlevic)
15. The Hidden (Produced by Da Eighth)
16. Round N Round (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
17. A Second to Wreck It  (Produced by The Loop.Holes)
18. Get It Now Feat. Chad Bazel (Produced by The Loop.Holes)

Album:  4 Dimensions On A Paper
Artist(s): Epidemic (Hex One & Tek-Nition)
Year: 2016
Release Date: April 08, 2016
Record Label: Mic-Theroy Records
Buy: UGHH, Bandcamp