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12/30/2018: S-R-H-H, Ent. - Happy New Year!
12/24/2017: S-R-H-H, Ent. - Happy Holidays!
07/03/2017: Spirit of Truth Releases New Video for "Be Blessed" (God Body)
04/10/2017: Quincy Davis - "All I Know" Official Video (Out Now!)
12/24/2016: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
12/29/2015: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from S-R-H-H!
12/22/2015: S-R-H-H Presents: Top 10 Releases of 2015
05/28/2015: Jedi Mind Tricks drops their second single from "The Thief And The Fallen"
12/31/2014: Happy New Year From S-R-H-H, Ent!
04/11/2014: Chief Kamachi - Radio Raheem (Pre-Order)
03/10/2014: Kalki - Kalakin King (OFFICIAL SINGLE)
03/04/2014: Bad Spit - Fra Kaos (Katarsis EP)
03/02/2014: S-R-H-H Presents: List of Forthcoming Albums
03/01/2014: Astronautalis - This City Ain't Just a Skyline [Single] (2014)
02/17/2014: S-R-H-H Presents: A Look At Universal Balance
02/17/2014: New Video From Drew Imagination
02/12/2014: Kalki - Night Brings Down (Dancing Leaves EP)
02/12/2014: Kalki - Sacred Center (Dancing Leaves EP)
02/10/2014: "Frankenstein" by English Frank Available for Pre-Order Now!
01/23/2014: Theta Therapy - Bliss, Annon Amiss & Kalki
01/21/2014: Diesis - I - Vigil for the Ignorant Feat. Kalki
01/19/2014: KVBeats - You Know the Rules (New Single)
01/09/2014: New Single From Kalki's "Where The Light Is EP"
01/07/2014: Single From Kalki's "Exceptional Features Vol. 7"
01/04/2014: Kalki - Astral Divinity (Produced by Daemon Beats)
01/02/2014: Kalki - Chandrakala Mantra (Produced by 7th Realm) (Outro)
01/02/2014: Paranormal - A Generation Abandoned (Vendetta Doctrine)
01/02/2014: New Music by Realest of The Soularz
01/01/2014: Poll Closed and Vimanas is the winner!
12/31/2013: Happy New Year From S-R-H-H!
12/25/2013: S-R-H-H Presents: The Hip Hop Year 2013 - Memorable Moments
12/23/2013: Happy Holidays from S-R-H-H!
12/18/2013: Atma & Son of Saturn - Jakobz Ladder Vol. 1
12/18/2013: Terawrizt - Written In Stone
12/16/2013: Paranormal - New Single & Album
12/11/2013: S-R-H-H Presents: Top 10 Albums of 2013
12/08/2013: Fire Giant (Ibis Giant & Sixfire Productions) - Sknwlkrz (Saucer Men)
12/08/2013: Jon Murdock - Broken Seams (Dark City, Part 3)
11/30/2013: Nametag & Nameless - In the Caddy/May Day (For Namesake-Redo)
11/30/2013: Nametag & Nameless - Reaction Ft. Miz Korona (For Namesake-Redo)
11/26/2013: One Dae - Earth Child (Daes & Times)
11/26/2013: One Dae - Abu Ghraib Ft. Sean Price (Daes & Times)
11/26/2013: Kalki - Borderline (Exceptional Features Vol. 6)
11/26/2013: Kalki - Soul Seekers (Exceptional Features Vol. 6)
11/22/2013: Wordsmith - When Your Faith Is Tested
11/22/2013: Wordsmith - It's 5am Smell the Roses Feat. Scott Griffin
10/28/2013: New Single From Son of Saturn!
10/23/2013: Termanology - G.O.Y.A. (Gunz Or Jay Available) (Playlist)
10/23/2013: Vinnie Paz - "Is Happiness Just A Word?"
10/22/2013: Ransom & Statik Selektah - Unexplainable
10/22/2013: Ransom & Statik Selektah - Start 2 Finish
10/16/2013: Jon Murdock - Starting Over (Dark City, Part 3)
10/12/2013: New Single From "Sands of Time"
10/12/2013: New Single From The Godfathers!
10/07/2013: Wyld Bunch - "I Do Not Fail" Official Music Video 
10/07/2013: New Single From Jus Allah!
09/29/2013: First Single From "Trapdoors and Secret Passageways"
09/21/2013: Vitiate - "All of Me" Official Music Video
09/20/2013: Grand Theft Auto V Mixtape
09/19/2013: Goon MuSick: First single from "Nature Of The Contaminated"
09/17/2013: New Single From AWKWORD!
09/16/2013: Nutso & DJ Low Cut - Homicide Blocks
09/16/2013: Epidemic "Mic Masters" (Produced by Esco) Music Video
09/16/2013: Fire Giant - Saucer Men (Album Sampler)
09/16/2013: Truth Talk and Tunes - Conscious Connections Vol. 1 
09/16/2013: AbnormL Injustice - Vanilla Caramel
09/16/2013: Jon Murdock - "Maria"
09/11/2013: New Single From Sick Since!
09/10/2013: New Single From God's Touch and Zero!
09/09/2013: Windchill - The Left Overs, Vol. 2 (playlist)
09/07/2013: DeeAre & Kuma - Styles Imperial (playlist)
09/04/2013: Son of Saturn - Tunnel of Broken Poem
09/04/2013: WindchILL - Put Your Foot Down (Prod. By Res Nullis)
08/31/2013: New Music From Typical Cats
08/29/2013: Kalki - Atlantian Tablet (Official Promo) 
08/27/2013: New Video From Wyze Mindz!
08/25/2013: Malkovich - "Through The Trees"
08/24/2013: Mona - That Was You
08/24/2013: "Ain't No Other Kings"
08/21/2013: New Single From Kalki
08/20/2013: Another "Gem" From Gadien
08/19/2013: New Single by Young Black And Gifted
08/19/2013: New Single From Endemic
08/17/2013: New Track From Audible Doctor & Fredro Starr
08/16/2013: Gadien - Break Of Dawn (Official Single)
08/11/2013: Tracks From Apakalypse's "The Last Star Fighter" 
08/10/2013: S-R-H-H Presents: Three Highly Recommended Albums of 2013
08/10/2013: Tracks From "We Have The Future Covered" by AbnormL Injustice
08/09/2013: Tracks From "PerMission to Shine" by Soul Minor
08/06/2013: The Hooded Locust - Fun Tunes For The Tar (playlist)
08/04/2013: Termanology - Straight off the Block (Single)
08/03/2013: billy woods - Tinseltown Remix W/ Crocodile Tears Remix
08/01/2013: The Absouljah - Legends Of Legends (Produced by Imperial Skillz Empera) 
07/27/2013: Tracks From "The Escape Artist Volume Two"
07/26/2013: Apakalypse - Ultra Man 7 (Produced by Lord Beatjitzu)
07/25/2013: New video by Soul Khan
07/25/2013: New Single From Fredro Starr & Audible Doctor
07/25/2013: New tracks from "Quiet Lapse" by AbnormL Injustice
07/25/2013: Tracks From "The Lost Pages EP" by Rise Sovereign
07/21/2013: AbnormL Injustice - Jokes (Produced by AbnormL Injustice) Instrumental
07/18/2013: New tracks from "Ultra Man 7" by Apakalypse
07/15/2013: Chaotik Stylz - Playing The Game Feat. Cav Johnson (Produced by Oh No) 
07/15/2013: Chaotik Stylz - Situations Feat. Roc C (Produced by Oh No)
07/13/2013: Dr Creep - Land of Legends (Produced by Dr Creep)
07/12/2013: Apakalypse - Gladiator Music (Produced by Lord Gamma)
07/09/2013: New Music From The Audible Doctor
07/09/2013: Kalki - Cosmic Travellers Feat. Bliss, & Deepak Chopra (Produced by DeeAre)
07/09/2013: God's Touch - Hikikimori Hash Feat. Mic-E (Produced by God's Touch)
06/29/2013: Sick Since - Earmergency (Produced by E. Jones)
06/29/2013: Sick Since - Strangers In The Night (Produced by E. Jones)
06/28/2013: New Tracks From "Sick-E-Ology"
06/24/2013: New Leak From "Peacewalker EP" by Kalki
06/23/2013: Dr Creep - They Kill (Produced by 2deep) [Video]
06/23/2013: New Video From Typical Cats
06/22/2013: Physical CD's of "ERFC" & "Elucidation" Now Available!
06/18/2013: Classic WindchILL Material!
06/12/2013: Zagnif Nori - Grandeur EP (Coming Soon)
06/07/2013: Backwoodz Studioz Announces New Album By billy woods!
06/07/2013: Brick Records announces new album by Chaotik Stylz!
05/29/2013: The Hooded Locust - Lithium (Coming Soon)
05/28/2013: CF - Written Wisdom Feat. Blacastan, & Casual of Hieroglyphics (Produced by Ide)
05/28/2013: CF - Dream (Produced by DJ Static)
05/18/2013: Fellows of Perfect Penmanship - Another Look at Life
05/07/2013: Fellows of Perfect Penmanship - "Extraordinary Tales" (Coming Soon)
04/29/2013: Official Music Video of "Learn Truth"
04/29/2013: Fellows of Perfect Penmanship - Which Way Is Up
04/26/2013: Support KdawG/S-R-H-H, Ent. through Facebook
04/25/2013: New Leak From "Extraordinary Tales"
04/24/2013: Official Single From "Sekhmet"
04/23/2013: R.A. The Rugged Man - Learn Truth (Legends Never Die)
04/21/2013: Kalki - Peacewalker EP (Coming Soon)
04/20/2013: Official Single from "Dvapara Yuga" by Kalki
04/20/2013: New Official Leak From Fellows of Perfect Penmanship
04/14/2013: Get your copy of the physical Son of Saturn CD's "Escape Artist Volume 1 & 2" + More
04/02/2013: New updates on 'KdawGOfficial'
03/29/2013: Fellows of Perfect Penmanship - Tracks from "Extraordinary Tales"
03/27/2013: Pre-Orders available: Nametag & Nameless - For Namesake
03/12/2013: Instant Classic by Killah Priest: The Psychic World of Walter Reed
03/10/2013: Guerilla Alliance - Empire of Fear LP (Coming Soon)
03/05/2013: Core - Demons
03/05/2013: "All Real" - Brand New Track From "Long Time Coming"
03/04:/2013: New Promo Single From Joey Barbieri
02/28/2013: New track from Audimatic
02/27/2013: Immortal Technique on Infowars TV with Alex Jones
02/26/2013: Son Of Saturn - Muraqaba Feat. Jahnigga Da Baptist, J Mega, & Chief Kamachi (Prod. Nix Productions)
02/23/2013: Apakalypse of Masta Buildas - Every Nigga is A Star (Produced by King Boom)
02/20/2013: Rafael Z - Too Good For Me (Produced by Rafael Z)
02/17/2013: New single track by Core & Rafael Z
02/17/2013: Hooded Locust Ft. Bliss - "Puppet Master" (Prod. Pesticyde)
02/17/2013: Young Noble & Rise Sovereign - "Finish Line"
02/08/2013: Krian Music Group Presents Dead Prez "No Way As The Way"
02/04/2013: Moe Pope - Lately/Goodbye Feat. Dua Boakeye (Produced by...)
01/22/2013: Snowgoons Feat. Sean Strange - Cardiac Rhythm (Official Music Video)
01/20/2013: Public Enemy Still Keeping It Real!
01/15/2013: New Instrumental from AquariusMinded
01/13/2013: Logic Feat. Lowkey, & Renee Soul - I Wish (Produced by Moghul)
01/11/2013: New Track from Eq: "Dumb"
01/11/2013: Subscribe To Indie Hip Hop on YouTube!
01/09/2013: Kalki - Shehol's Abysses
12/31/2012: Happy New Year from S-R-H-H
12/31/2012: Kalki - The Lost Continent of Mu Feat. Secret Swords (Prod. Bad Prod Rikordz)  12/28/2012: Lowkey Returns with new track Ft. Logic and Renee Soul
12/28/2012: Kalki - Forgotten Realms (Coming Soon)
12/22/2012: New Track From Bensalem and Kalki
12/21/2012: S-R-H-H: Top 10 Tracks of 2012
12/18/2012: S-R-H-H: Top 10 Albums of 2012
12/16/2012: Dr. Creep Drops New Video From His Forthcoming Album
12/16/2012: Rafael Z releases official single from the forthcoming "The Ladybug" EP!
12/02/2012: Lord Lhus And Al'tarba Releases the first leak from "Acid & Vicious"
12/02/2012: New Single From Lunatic 8 - "Virus C"
11/30/2012: New Single from 4th Assassin: "The Game" Feat. Godilla & Faez One
11/30/2012: Immortal Technique Talks About Battle Rap - "Too Much Negativity"
11/30/2012: Pre-Orders And Track Listing From The Forthcoming "W.H.I.T.E." LP by Vitiate 
11/29/2012: The Results Of The First Poll On S-R-H-H
11/28/2012: New Single From Vitiate: "Flamethrowers"
11/14/2012: Bad Spit - "Pilegrim" (Soppaz Remixes) Video (2012) Out now!
11/11/2012: New single from The Teamsterz - "The Teamsterz Invasion"
10/25/2012: Lunatic 8 - Gabriel's Hymn Feat. Jake McConnell (OFFICIAL SNIPPET) 
10/15/2012: Opening of: S-R-H-H Entertainment Official Website!
9/19/2012: Audible Doctor drops final leak from "I Think That..."
9/16/2012: More Indie Hip Hop published on KdawGOfficial (YouTube)
9/12/2012: Rahzel Jr - S.O.A.R. (Son of a Rahzel) Kidd Called Quest Mix (2012)
9/11/2012: Audible Doctor Feat. Blacastan, & Wise Intelligent - Genuine (Prod. Audible Doctor)
8/30/2012: Big Shug - War In The Club (Prod. Lee Bannon) Official Music Video (I.M. 4-Eva)
8/29/2012: Ali Dahesh, Kasseb, Antony of Egypt (Kalki), Tewolde Issac - The City
8/29/2012: Casual x J Rawls - Reign (Official Music Video)
8/28/2012: Casual Ft. Del The Funky Homosapien - Respect Game Or Expect Flames
08/24/2012: Stray Masons - Blue Collar Dollar (2012) To be released
08/23/2012: DC The Midi Alien - Technology Takeover (Unofficial Music Video)
08/23/2012: Omen Ra - Ra-Surrection (2012) Out now!
08/21/2012: Lunatic 8 - "Rotting In My Own World" Official Music Video
08/08/2012: Lunatic 8 Behind the scenes of "Rotting In My Own World"
08/7/2012: The Audible Doctor Feat. Chaundon - Success (Part 1) Official Music Video
08/4/2012: S-R-H-H Presents: A Heathen Production - Lunatic 8 - Rotting In My Own World (Official Music Video) To be released
07/01/2012: Exclusive Interview With Lunatic 8 coming this week
06/27/2012: Reks - Unlearn (Official Music Video) & Album Intro 2012
06/26/2012: Don't miss the latest album releases

Unofficial Music Video's (News):
Joey Barbieri - What We Need Feat. Rite Hook (Unofficial Music Video)
Si-Klon - The Blind Eye Feat. RpM (Unofficial Music Video)
Kalki & Espionage - Starvation (Produced by Guillotine Cuts) [Unofficial Music Video]
NEW VIDEO: Foundation - Time To Sit Back (Unofficial Music Video)
Sabac Red - Tell-Lie-Vision (Unofficial Music Video)
The Lost Children Of Babylon - President Evil (Bonus Remix) Unofficial Music Video
Unknown Prophets - Don't Do It The Same (Unofficial Music Video)
Sick Since - Mathemagical Matrix (Unofficial Music Video)
Unofficial Music Video: Evil Intentions - Battle Scars Feat. Savant
Bad Spit - Skifte I Tid (Prod. Brods) Uoffisiell Musikkvideo/Bad Spit - Change In Time (Prod. Brods) Unofficial Music Video
Unofficial Music Video: Sweatshop Union - The Thing About It

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