November 26, 2015

Rise Sovereign - Internal Arts (2015) Out now!

"Internal Arts" is the title of Rise Sovereign's latest instrumental release. The album consists of 16 beats produced by hip-hop producer Rise Sovereign.

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Track Listing:

01. High Science (Intro) (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
02. Exodus (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
03. Black and Gold (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
04. Momentum (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
05. Chords and Daggers (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
06. The Remedy (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
07. Brush Strokes (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
08. Esoteric (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
09. Flawless (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
10. Winds of Change (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
11. Rhapsody (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
12. Code of Silence (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
13. Prestige (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
14. Silk Road Papers (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
15. Nowhere (Produced by Rise Sovereign)
16. Full Circle (Completion of the Cipher) - Outro (Produced by Rise Sovereign)

Album: Internal Arts
Rise Sovereign
Release Date:
November 10, 2015
Record Label:
Days In Exile Productions
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November 21, 2015

Kerser - Next Step (2015) Out now!

Australian emcee Kerser is current with his 5th solo album entitled "Next Step", released through WM Australia. The ablum consists of 16 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: Jay Uf, Nat M, Rates, Emmy Mack, Fortay, and John Andrew.

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Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Only Rap You Need
03. Still Haven't Changed
04. Takin' Over The Scene Feat. Jay Uf
05. Keep Chasing Them Feat. Nat M
06. Zippin' Em Up
07. Walk You Through This
08. Bloods Thichker Feat. Rates
09. Next Step
10. Always Been Here For You Feat. Emmy Mack
11. Remain King
12. Different Shoes Feat. Fortay
13. Life's A Race
14. How Does This Work
15. Paranoid Feat. John Andrew
16. Be Patient

Album: Next Step
Release Date:
November 13, 2015
Record Label:
Warner Music Australia