July 06, 2012

Lifeless - The Ugly (2012) Out now!

Lifeless releases his new album, "The Ugly", which consists of 18 tracks. The album offer guest appearances from artists like: Rubio, Crisis, and Sneakyness. Entirely produced by Kayoss Sonn except of "Become A Donor", "Insulting", and "Bad Ending". Relatively track number 05, 12, and 15. "Become A Donor" is original produced by Keko, "Insulting" by Anabolic, and "Withdrawal" by Biotik. All tracks mixed and mastered by Kayoss Sonn.

"Soon I Will press up physical copes of this album! Since it's a free download, I'll handle that later on" - Lifeless.

In other words, the album is free, and you can download this gift from the artists right here:

You can also listen to some music from the album on KdawG's Official You Tube channel (Promo):

"Hit up my man Crisis for dope artwork at chrismartinez111280@gmail.com"

"Much love to the fans, new shit coming later this year! Spread the word!!!" - Lifeless aka Funerary


01. The Unworthy
02. Disables
03. Subconscious Torture Feat. Rubio
04. Maggots
05. Become A Donor
06. Infliction Of Dead
07. Nasty Surroundings Feat. Crisis
08. No Reflection Feat. Sneakyness
09. Paraphilia
10. Freakshow
11. False Reality
12. Insulting
13. The Ugly
14. Withdrawal
15. Bad Ending
16. Become A Donor (Remix)
17. Symphony Of Dread (Remix)
18. Saying Goodbye

Album: The Ugly
By: Lifeless
Year: 2012
Released: Jun 24, 2012
Label: None
Buy: Free Album
Download: Bandcamp

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