Released & Upcoming Albums



Epidemic - 4 Dimensions On A Paper
Historical Records - History in the Making
Beneficence - Basement Chemistry
DJ Brans - Endless
Classified - Greatful
The Doppelgangaz - Beats For Brothels Vol. 3
Kidd Called Quest - Put Your Headphones On 2
Estee Nack & Purpose - 14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack
Rise Sovereign - Internal Arts
Kerser - Next Step
Lateb & LGP - Truth & Malice 2: Path of Destruction
Deacon The Villain of CunninLynguists - Peace or Power
Wordsworth & Donel Smokes - New Beginning
Bambu - The Comrades Sessions
K-Rino - Makin' Enemies
Apollo Brown - Grandeur
Illmaculate & OnlyOne - Only & Ill
Dirty Dike - Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight
Evil Ebenezer - All That's Left
Bleubird - Lauderdale
Ten Million Sounds - Still
Method Man - The Meth Lab
Scarface - Deeply Rooted
Finale - Odds & Ends
Ackumen - Mystery School Dropout
L'Orange & Kool Keith - Time? Astonishing!
Madchild - Silver Tongue Devil
Apathy - Weekend At The Cape
Czarface - Every Hero Needs A Villain
Jedi Mind Tricks - The Thief And The Fallen
Trademarc & DC - Black Ash Days
Mr. Green - Live From The Streets
El*A*Kwents - A Human Becoming
Jise - The Passion Of Jise
Big Shug - Triple OGzus
Mega Ran & Storyville - Soul Veggies
J-Merk & B.B.Z Darney - Born Dead
Malik B. & Mr. Green - Unpredictable
Fashawn - The Ecology
Flip - Reflections
The Four Owls - Natural Order
Beyond The Grave - Visions Of Mithra
VX Heaven's Assassin - Tablet of Destiny: Secrets of the Multiverse
Joey Bada$$ - B4.DA.$$
Spirit Of Truth - God Body: A Rare Breed
Hex One of Epidemic & 5th Element - Hologramz
J. Cole - 2014 Forest Hills Drive 
Batsauce & Wax - The Soledad Brothers
Ryuzo - Message
Kuma Seven - French Melodies Beat Tape
BVA - Be Very Aware
Talib Kweli of Black Star & Reflection Eternal - Gravitas
The Grouch & Eligh - The Tortoise and The Crow
Amiri - This Is Part Time
Matt Maddox - Righteous Fury
Crown of Grim Reaperz - Pieces To The Puzzle
The Doppelgangaz (Matter Ov Fact & EP) - Peace Kehd (Deluxe Edition)
Pawz One - Face The Facts
Verbal Kent of Ugly Heroes w/ Khrysis - Sound Of The Weapon
Lord Finesse of D.I.T.C. - Return Of The Funky Man (RE-ISSUE)
AWKWORD - World View
Lord Gamma - Sword And Fist
Apakalypse of Masta Buildas - 667
Mr. Troy & Junclassic - Thinking Out Loud
Shinobi Stalin - Invisible Man
Bike For Three! (Buck 65 & Greetings From Tuskan) - So Much Forever
Dag Savage (Johaz of Deep Rooted & Exile of Emanon) - E&J
9th Wonder Presents: Jamla Is The Squad w/ Various Artists
Prince Po of Organized Konfusion w/ Oh No - Animal Serum
Mello Music Group - Mandala Vol. 2: Today's Mathematics
Tableek of Maspyke - Hunting Bald Eagles... And Other Ghetto Tales
Confidence Presents GDot & Born - Confidence Presents GDot & Born
Dooley-O - O.G. Status
Keith Science - Hypothalamus
Trae The Truth & The World's Freshest aka DJ Fresh - The Tonite Show
Antahlyzah - The Key Holderz
Step Brothers (Alchemist & Evidence of Dilated Peoples) - Lord Steppington
Smif-N-Wessun (Tek & Steele) - Born And Raised EP
Gavlyn of Organized Threat - Modest Confidence
A-Plus (of Souls Of Mischief) & Aagee - Molly's Dirty Water
Black Knights (Crisis Tha Sharpshooter & Rugged Monk) w/ John Frusciante - Medieval Chamber
Riishii G7 - Soul Sampler: Extra Weaponry
Kwantum Mechanicz - XIV
Mark Deez & Kanis Lu - Of Beasts & Men
Fire Giant (Ibis Giant & Sixfire Productions) - Re-Animator
AbnormL Injustice - Happy Old Year
Caper & DSR - The Imperial Sword EP
Wormhole- Vortex Emissions
Apakalypse of Masta Buildas - Origins
Paranom - Five Seasons
Young Black And Gifted (Verse Essential & Kidd Called Quest) - No Invitation Needed
Akashik Ancestorz (Son of Saturn & Ibis Giant) - Heliopolis
Damu The Fudgemunk - Spare Overtime
Oddisee - Tangible Dream
The Hooded Locust - The Petrified Forest
Sixo & Leif Kolt - Absent Bodied
Son of Saturn - A Real Slap In The face (Remastered '05)
Guilty Simpson & Small Professor - Highway Robbery
Snowgoons - Black Snow 2
Blockhead Presents: Dour Candy - The Instrumentals
Paranom & Purpose of Tragic Allies - Life Outside The Frame
Reel Wolf Presents - The Underworld (Deluxe Edition)
Prop Dylan - The Cardinal Sin, Pt. 2
Endemic - Terminal Illness Part 2
Ill Bill of La Coka Nostra - Howie Made Me Do It 3
Cannibal Ox (Vast Aire & Vordul Mega) - Gotham
Kasim Keto - Long Car Rides
Son of Saturn - Zen Lunatic
Sole - Crimes Against Totality
Josh Martinez - Blotto
Nametag & Nameless - For Namesake-Redo
Lone Ninja of Twin Perils - Trapdoors & Secret Passageways
DeeAre of Ascended Masters - Return To The East
Blaq Poet - Blaq Death
One Dae - Daes & Times
Esoteric (of Demigodz & Army Of The Pharaohs) & Stu Bangas - Machete Mode
N.B.S. (Natural Born Spitters) - The Smokefest
Jarren Benton - My Grandma's Basement
Fellows of Perfect Penmanship (Antony of Egypt/Kalki, Kyriel, InfoRed & Merky Waters) - Extraordinary Tales
Eddie B W/ Harry Fraud - Paper, Piff & Polo
Kalik Scientific - Holy Spirit Of G.O.D H.O.P
The Godfathers (Kool G Rap & Necro) - Once Upon A Crime
KRS-One W/ Kenny Parker - The BDP Album (RE-ISSUE)
Dead Celebrity Status - The Throwaway Kids
Lord Gamma - Dark Apprentice Instrumentals
Observant & DeeAre - Observant Meets DeeAre
Denmark Vessey & Scud One - Cult Classic
Marco Polo - PA 2: The Director's Cut (Port Authority 2)
No Bird Sing (Joe Horton, Graham O'Brien, & Robert Mulrennan) - Definition Sickness
Rite Hook - From The Wrong
ATMA & Son of Saturn - Jakboz Ladder Vol. 1: The Croatoa Koans
Louis Logic - Look On The Blight Side
Lewis Parker - The Puzzle Episode Two: The Glass Ceiling
Latyrx (Lateef The Truth Speaker & Lyrics Born) - The Second Album
Crystal Antlers - Nothing Is Real
Solrac Tracks & DJ Push Play Present - Golden Era
Blunted Sultan - Carrion Flower
Reckonize Real - Dopamine
Quelle Chris - Ghost At The Finish Line
Epidemic (HexOne & Tek-Nition) & Dreamtek - The Bassment Tapes Vol. 1: Write To Remain Violent
Blueprint - Deleted Scenes
Epademik - Beast Within
3:33 - Bicameral Brain
Alterbeats - Class Struggle
Kalki - Exceptional Features Vol. 6
Gordo Templi - Return of the Dusty Plates
Ohmega Watts of Lightheaded - Pieces Of A Dream
Gore Elohim - Electric Lucifer
Cage - Kill The Architect
Wyze Mindz - Return of tha Chozen
Armand Hammer (billy woods of Super Chron Flight Brothers & Elucid) - Race Music
DJ Skizz - B.Q.E. (The Brooklyn-Queens Experience)
L'Orange & Stik Figa - The City Under The City
Ransom & Statik Selektah - The Proposal
RJD2 - More Is Than Isn't
Handbook - Appendices
Intention - Funeral Home
Deltron 3030 (Del The Funky Homosapien, Dan The Automator & Kid Koala) - Event 2
Skampoe - Clogged Artery: The Fat Tape
K-Rino - TheRapeutic
K-Rino - Plantation Rebellion
Tanya Morgan (Donwill & Von Pea) W/ 6th Sense - Rubber Souls
The Procussions (Mr. J. Medeiros & Stro The 89th Key) - The Procussions
Termanology - G.O.Y.A. (Gunz Or Jay Available)
Smarts - Westcoast Exterminator
Aztech & Reel Drama - Boom Bap Breakfast
Logic - Peace Love & Ignorance (RE-ISSUE)
Oddisee - The Beauty In All
Hus Kingpin - The Cognac Tape (Hosted by: Roc Marciano)
Sicknature of Snowgoons - Nature Of The Contaminated
Apakalypse of Masta Buildas - Homo Noeticus
Evil Ebenezer - Howl
Grayskul (Onry Ozzborn & JFK) - Zenith
Prozak - We All Fall Down
LeedzEdutainment - The Write Off Volume 4
Fire Giant (Ibis Giant & Sixfire Productions) - Saucer Men
Irrefutable & Kuma777 - Hank Moody
Raiza Biza - Winter Solace
Wordsmith - The Blue Collar Recital
LMNO of Visionaries w/ Evidence of Dilated Peoples - After The Fact
Phillie - I Exist
Watusi - Defeat The Enemy
Del The Funky Homosapien W/ Parallel Thought - Attractive Sin
Wordsworth - The Photo Album
Zieke Sounds - Fake Leaders
Erks Orion & Zieke Sounds - Mothership
One Be Lo - K.I.C.K. Push
Noyz - Degrees Of Freedom
Oddisee - People Hear What They See
Wordsmith - King Noah
Oh No - OhNoMite
XFA7 - Urban Guardians
Cadence Weapon - Hope In Dirt City
El*A*Kwents - Presents Noncompliance: The Peoples Bailout
JustMe & Deacon The Villain - Tragedy & Dope
Kevlaar 7 - Die Ageless
Kalki - Treta Yuga
Casual - He Still Think He Raw
Suff Daddy - Suff Sells
Frantik - Project Warhead
1982 - 2012
DJ Lord Jazz - The Plain Dealer
Sick Jacken & Cynic - Terror Tapes 2
Killer Mike W/ El-P - R.A.P. Music
Kalki - Padma
J. Rawls - The Liquid Crytal Project 3
Bronze Nazareth - The Migration Sessions
Kalki - Exceptional Features Vol. 3
Shottie W/ TeV95 - Delorean 
Sixo - Free Floating Rationales
Apollo Brown & O.C. - Trophies
Ka - Grief Pedigree
Reks - Striaght, No Chaser
Watusi - Watusi Presents: Food For The Gods 2012
Ante Meridian - 3 A.M. Poltergeist
Kalki - Exceptional Features Vol. 2
Hilltop Hoods - Drinking From The Sun
Jewelz Infinite - Katharsis
Watusi - Cult Leaders
Stik Figa - As Himself
Kalki & Erks Orion - Ancient Spirits
Kev Brown - Random Joints
DJ Low Cut - NY Minute
Godz Wrath - Fingerprints Of The Godz
billy woods - History Will Absolve Me
Amos The Ancient Prophet - The Collabos Vol. 3
Constant Deviants - Amongst Friends
Joey Barbieri - Closer 2 Closure
Lunatic 8 - Lunatic 8 Goes To Hell
Ali Dahesh - Brain Psyclone Projects
Grim Moses - Enpsychlowpedia Satanika
Tunnel Movement - OverDue
Vendetta Kingz & Anno Domini Beats - V.K.A.D.
Jon Murdock - Dark City Part 1
Jordan River Banks - All The World's A Stage
Pep Love - Rigmarole
DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles - Kolexxxion
Black Marvel - BM Ultra
Godilla - Battle Beast: A Prelude To Human Zoo
Phesto Dee - Background Check
Gift Of Gab - The Next Logical Progression
Everliven Sound - Freedom II
Imperial Skillz Empera & Gamblez - Legion Of Darkness
Suff Daddy - Efil4ffus (RE-ISSUE)
Sick Since - The Return Of Niburu
Mello Music Group - Self Sacrifice
Unknown Prophets - World Premier 2
Decipher 73i - I Of The Heavens
14KT - A Friendly Game Of KT
The Alchemist - Rapper's Best Friend 2
Lee Bannon - Fantastic Plastic
Roddy Rod - Oakwood Grain 1 & 2
Blacastan - The Master Builder Part 2
Banish - Dredgar Cayce
Maxilla Blue - Volume 3
Gensu Dean - Lo-Fi-Fingahz
Psych Ward - Street Slime
Kidd Called Quest - Put Your Headphones On: The Album
Evil Intentions - Evil Intentions
Koncept - Awaken
M-Phazes - Phazed Out
Ran Reed - Respect The Architect 1992-1998
Sean Born - Behind The Scale
Planet Asia - Black Belt Theatre
Mistah F.A.B. - I Found My Backpack 2: The Lost Notebook
The Lost Children Of Babylon - El's Appendices: The Scroll Of Lost Tales
Hasan Salaam - Music Is My Weapon
Roc C - Stoned Genius
Lone Ninja W/ Blaq Masq - Fatal Peril
The Soularz - TIME (To Insight Minds Everywhere)
Chief Kamachi - Rise And Rhyme Vol. 1
Leedz Edutainment Presents - The Write Off Vol. 3
Speech Debelle - Freedom Of Speech
Bleubird - Cannonball!!!
Educated Consumers - Winning Winter



Termanology - Term Brady [EP]
Zagnif Nori of Noble Scity - Ferrum EP
Sadistik & Kno - Phantom Limbs
Son of Saturn - Root Expansion EP
Pruven - Wordplay Sensei EP
The Grouch x Eligh x CunninLynguists - The WinterFire EP
Joe Budden - Some Love Lost (EP)
The Regiment (OSI & IseQold) & Random - A Gamer's Anthem EP
Sims of Doomtree - Field Notes EP
Ugly Heroes (Apollo Brown, Red Pill, & Verbal Kent) - Ugly Heroes EP
Epidemic (HexOne & Tek-Nition) & Tantu - The Solution (EP)
Armand Hammer (billy woods of Super Chron Flight Brothers & Elucid) - Furtive Movements (EP)
Kalki - Peacewalker EP
Common Market - The Winter's End EP (Re-Issue)
Apakalypse - The Golden Era EP
Amos The Ancient Prophet & Senny Mojzesz - Stroz Z Wahadlem EP
Lootpack - Loopdigga EP
BeWill - Day By Day EP
Bad Spit - Katarsis EP
Zion I - The Masters of Ceremony EP
Kalki - Dancing Leaves EP
Ibis Giant - The Man Who Would Be King (EP)
Bronze Nazareth of The Wisemen - Blenders (EP)
Ibis Giant - Fatez Relik (EP)
Mona - Intro EP
Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks & Army Of The Pharaohs - Carry On Tradition (EP)
Ascended Masters (Bliss & DeeAre) - Rapture (EP)
Blue Sky Black Death - Glaciers (EP)
Tekneek - Time For Us E.P
Bojkez - Instrumental EP Vol. 3
Damu The Fudgemunk - Spur Momento Trailer EP
Phashara - The Post (EP)
P.R - Moment In Time (EP)
TheBeatTapeProject - Thor Vs. Doom (EP)
Intention - Lufe Skyfucker - Planet 9 From Outerspace (EP)
White Mic & Grand Visitor - Armchair Militia EP
K-Def - The Meeting (EP)
Swerve - Inhale, Exhell. EP
Cyclonious - F.E.A.R.
The Celestial Order (VX: Heaven's Assassin & El*A*Kwents) - The Cosmic Code (EP)
Drew Imagination - Everyday Epiphanies
Tekneek - The Collabs Vol. II
Apollo's Sun & The Boomjacks - Ownlife Sessions, Vol. 1 (EP)
The Audible Doctor - The Summer Tape (EP)
Soul Khan - Psalm EP
Nems - Fuck Your Love (EP)
BlxckA$h - Sounds of September (EP)
Open Mike Eagle - Sir Rockabye (EP)
Rise Sovereign - The Lost Pages EP
Habeas Corpus - Singles & B-Sides (EP)
Dr Creep - They Kill
Zagnif Nori - Grandeur EP
Solograph - Capital Basement EP (Capital Location B-Sides)
Zion I (AmpLive & MC Zumbi) - ShadowBoxing: The Remixes
Binary Star - Binary Star EP
Audimatic (The Audible Doctor & maticulous) - The Manual EP
Handbook - Rare Ivory (EP)
Grim Reaperz - Blood-Leg Vol. 2 (EP)
Apakalypse - Star Children "Digital Mixtape"
DISL Automatic - Power To The People Vol. 1
Kidd Called Quest Presents - Put Your Headphones On: 585
Soul Shinobi - Mindrot
Vega X & Amos The Ancient Prophet - The Witch Hammers EP
The 6th Element - Ever Heard of The 6th Element? (EP)
Various Artists - Digital Dynasty 24 (Hosted by Killah Priest)
Son of Saturn - The Escape Artist Volume Two
The Paramedics w/ Handbook - Medicinal Sounds (EP)
Scuba Presents - Visionary Express
Hazy - Death Of A Fetus
DeeAre of Ascended Masters - Face The East EP
Billy Knight - 4 Paths to Joy EP
Guerilla Alliance - Xibalba Be: The Reincarnation Mix CD
Tragick - Warpath the Mixtape
Basement Dwellaz - Past Principles
Rafael Z - The Ladybug EP
Horus, The Younger - Horuszonti (EP)
Brandon Rosales - Loose Leaves EP
Gods Touch & Zero - Sleepless Tokyo
Son of Saturn - The Escape Artist EP
Eq - The "They Call Me Fuck Beard" Mixtape
DJ Muggs - Sound Clash Business
Genetic Concepts (Equinox & Eye-Cue) - Brainstorm: The Mixtape Vol.2
Ascended Masters (Bliss & DeeAre) - Reflexions EP (2012)
The Audible Doctor - "I Think That..."
High Noon - Boom In Your Room Volume 2
Amerigo Gazaway of Gummy Soul - Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde
JR&PH7 - So Far, So Good
Hell Yeeeeah & X3M - The Other Side Of The Earth
Omen Ra - Ra-Surrection
Omen Ra Vs Alchemist - Eleven Eleven
Compramize - Mind Me
Tailor Made - Behind The Seams
Jermaine Event - Uncle Tom's EP
Art of Verse - SunKissedJungleFloor EP
Scientific Presents: Gadien & Firus Phonics - The Lost Ones EP
Annie Mulz & Moe Pope - Stampeding Elephants Mixtape Episode 1
Supreme Sol & Handbook - Higher Manifestation
Rafael Z - The Deaf Listener
Sweatshop Union - Sweatshop Is The Leisure Gang
Core - The Richard Cranium EP
Bill Ortiz - Winter In America
Vinnie Paz - The Priest Of Bloodshed
Brown Bag AllStars - The Brown Label EP
English Frank - Listen To Frank
The Lost Children Of Babylon - The Triangle Of Babylon Chapter 3
One Dae - Time Lapse EP
Organized Threat - The Official Mixtape
Godemode & Nevahmind - Complex City EP
9th Wonder - Tutankhamen (Valley Of The Kings)
J-Love & Red Eye - St. Fatricks Day
Kourvioisier - Fear Of Progress EP
Jus Ra + A.P. Duality Complex
Ancient Souls - The Introduction EP
Empty Handed Warriors - Occupy The Industry
Blak Madeen - Divine Power Culture
Cyclonious & Duby Intelligent - The Army Of Two


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