April 02, 2013

New updates on 'KdawGOfficial'

 S-R-H-H @ Facebook: S-R-H-H, Ent. Official Page
KdawG Official @ Facebook: KdawG Official Page

Check out the new updates on KdawG's official youtube channel. One track from the 2012 album "Shamballa" by Apakalypse, entitled "Feature Presentation". This album is entirely produced by King Boom.

The channel can also offer a new track from the "Island of Patmos" album by Masta Buildas, as well as two tracks from Sick Since and Zambo Beatz Production's album "CLASSICK" also from 2012.

Much more new stuff is also the be heard. So check it out now:
KdawGOfficial Videos

The brand new album from Fellows of Perfect Penmanship is also right around the corner, and will be uploaded through RMR soon.

Stay tuned!!!

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