April 14, 2013

DISL Automatic - Power To The People Vol. 1 (2012)

You can now check out a few tracks from the 2012 Mixtape "Power To The People" brought to you by DISL Automatic. The Mixtape consists of whole 28 tracks, + A feature part. The album offers guest appearances from artists like: K-Rino, SinTheSis, RusshNSmitty, Explicit, Fllfy, Aspirit, Teqneek, SA Universal, A.lo, and Demion. The features included appearances from: DISL Automatic himself, Teqneek, RusshNSmitty, SMode, Inpropa Konduct, Megalithic Enigma, Jed J, Twisted Imagery, Iron Mic, Blom, UGG, Leon, Akil, Tee Pee Eff, Zo Da Poet, Al Webo, SirReal (S-R-H-H Affiliate), PLO, D.O.V., A.lo, and Last Prophet. Productions from: Anno Domini Beats, Spektakula, John Wade, VeCity, Spence Mills, Crome, Beats Planet, Kenny G., Mickey Montz, The Total Package, Screwaholic, Carruso, Demion, CeHaZet, DefStarz, Alchemist, Megalithic Enigma, SB Productions, Vic Jones, Sinima, Zo, and Last Prophet.

You can check out three tracks on KdawG's Official YouTube channel (Promo):
DISL Automatic - Power To The People Vol. 1 (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

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Track Listing:

01. Power To The People
02. I'm In This Bitch (This Is A Diss)
03. Battle Cry Feat. K-Rino (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
04. Mountain Top Feat. SinTheSis (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
05. Worth Dying For (Produced by Spektakula)
06. Occupy The Booth Feat. RusshNSmitty (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
07. The Declaration Feat. Explicit, & RusshNSmitty
08. Freeway (Produced by John Wade)
09. The Sound of Freedom (Produced by VeCity)
10. The American Dream FEat. SinTheSis (Produced by Spence Mills)
11. On The Rise (Produced by VeCity)
12. Simple Men Feat. RusshNSmitty
13. Never Back Down Feat. Fllfy (Produced by Crome)
14. Pleasantville Feat. SinTheSis (Produced by Beats Planet)
15. Fresh Air Feat. Aspirit (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
16. Driven By The Will Of Self (Produced by Kenny G.)
17. Killuminati (Produced by Mickey Montz)
18. Enjoy The Ride (Produced by The Total Package)
19. Man Up Feat. Teqneek, & SA Universal (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
20. Salt Water (Big Bars Ep. 1)
21. Matter of Time Feat. SinTheSis (Produced by Screwaholic)
22. The Ambush (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
23. Possible
24. HipHop 4 Change
25. Illumination Feat. A.lo
26. Retribution (Produced by Carruso)
27. Serve The Beast Feat. Demion (Produced by Demion)
28. Power To The People (Remix) (Produced by CeHaZet)
29. Intelligent Design - Teqneek Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by Mickey Montz)
30. Letter To The Future Me - RusshNSmitty Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by DefStarz)
31. Bring It On - Blomquisite Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by Alchemist)
32. Wise As The Serpent - SMode Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
33. Hold Up Your Lighters - Inpropa Konduct Feat. DISL Automatic
34. The Vigilantee Oppression - Megalithic Enigma Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by Megalithic Enigma)
35. Hip Hop - Jed J Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by SB Productions)
36. Somebody That I Used To Know (Remix) - RusshNSmitty Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by Vic Jones)
37. Fight - Shibby Classic Feat. DISL Automatic
38. Time - RusshNSmitty Feat. SinTheSis, & DISL Automatic (Produced by Sinima)
39. Murder Death Kill - Twisted Imagery Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
40. Microphone Controllers - Iron Mic Feat. Blom, DISL, A.lo, UGG, Leon, Akil, & Tee Pee Eff
41. Causin' Havoc - Explicit Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
42. Without Rights - Zo Da Poet Feat. DISL Automatic (Produced by Zo)
43. Manipulation - Al Webo Feat. DISL Automatic
44. Subliminal Control - SirReal Feat. PLO, & DISL Automatic
45. Dear America - Dada Feat. DISL Automatic
46. State Of The Nation - Last Prophet Feat. DISL Automatic, & D.O.V. (Produced by Last Prophet)
47. Here I Stand - A.lo Feat. DISL Automatic

Mixtape: Power To The People Vol. 1
By: DISL Automatic
Year: 2012
Release Date: Dec, 2012
Label: GetBigProductions
Official Homepage: DislAutomatic
Buy: Free Mixtape
Download: DislAutomatic.com

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