April 04, 2012

Joey Barbieri - Closer 2 Closure (2012) Out Now!

Joey Barbieri is out with his debut album "Closer 2 Closure". The album consist a lot of good productions, with 2deep of Anno Domini Beats, Dansonn and many, many more on the team. Joey supplies with his skills as an emcee and I would go so far as to say that this is one of the best albums so far this year. The album consists of 14 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: A. Period, Illicit, Mic Stylz, Oak Lonetree, Reks, Rite Hook, Sheri Strickland, Termanology, and Tygastyle of Masstapeace. Productions from: 2deep of Anno Domini Beats, A. Period, Adveket, DJ Slipwax, Danson, Dark Hill, Dusty Mind, Raw B, Scrilla Beats, Shadowville Productions, and Sho-Down.
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You can check out two tracks, plus the Unofficial Music Video for the track "What We Need" Featuring Rite Hook on KdawG's Official You Tube channel (Promo):

Joey Barbieri - Closer 2 Closure (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial


01. Introduction (Prod. 2deep of Anno Domini Beats)
02. My Journey Feat. Sheri Strickland (Prod. 2deep of Anno Domini Beats)
03. What We Need Feat. Rite Hook (Prod. Shadowville)
04. First Round Knockout Feat. Reks, & Tygastyle of Masstapeace (Prod. 2deep of Anno Domini Beats)
05. Murda Paragraphs (Prod. Raw B)
06. To The Top (Prod. Scrilla Beats)
07. Stepping Stone (Prod. 2deep of Anno Domini Beats)
08. Road To Redemption Feat. Mic Stylz (Prod. Dark Hill)
09. Hit The Lights Feat. Oak Lonetree (Prod. DJ Slipwax)
10. They'll Never Take Me Alive Feat. Tygastyle of Masstapeace, & Illicit (Prod. Adveket)
11. The Bad Guy Feat. Termanology, & A. Period (Prod. A. Period)
12. Do It Again (Prod. Sho-Down)
13. Finally Standin' (Prod. Sho-Down)
14. Closer To Closure (Prod. Danson)

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Twitter: @JoeyBarbieri

Album: Closer 2 Closure
By: Joey Barbieri
Year: 2012
Label: None
Buy: undergroundhiphop.com, itunes.apple.com, amazon.com

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