April 14, 2012

Kalki & Erks Orion - Ancient Spirits (2012) Out now!

The hard-working Kalki releases another album - This time a collabo album with Erks Orion, entirely produced by Ali Dahesh & Aquarius Minded - except from a few tracks produced by Scientific, Macs, and Cozin. Finally the album is out, and we can enjoy a brand new Spiritual/Conscious, and revolutionary album.

The album offer guest appearances from artists like:  Prince Armond, Sebastian, Ali Dahesh, Tha Truth, York Siddhartha, and Rod Falco.

The album was released on Revolt Motion Recordings, who also gave out the Ali Dahesh album "Brain Psyclone Project" earlier this year (You can check it out on KdawG's Youtube channel as well).

Revolt Motion Official homepage:

The album is for free, but if you want you can still support the artists on a higher level.
Donate: http://www.TheNonProfits.com - Name your own price!

Kalki & Erks Orion - Ancient Spirits by KdawG (Official) - Indie Hip Hop (PLAYLIST)

01. At the Thought of (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
02. Angels not Demons (Prod. Ali Dahesh)
03. Where the Shadows Play (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
04. Beautiful Minds Feat. Prince Armond (Prod. Ali Dahesh)
05. Rainy Day Feat. Sebastian (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
06. Another Moon Feat. Ali Dahesh (Prod. Ali Dahesh)
07. Ancient Spirits Feat. Tha Truth (Prod. Cozin)
08. Dead Tree Orchestra Feat. York Siddhartha, & Rod Falco (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
09. Kick Rocks (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
10. Chsaing Atmospheres (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
11. Concrete Trails (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
12. Overcast Skies (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
13. Antique Apparitions (Prod. Aquarius Minded)
14. The Past (Prod. Scientific)
15. Apocalypse Yesterday (Prod. Macs)
16. Life and Death (Prod. Cozin)
17. Mind Print (Prod. Ali Dahesh)

Album: Ancient Spirits
By: Kalki & Erks Orion
Year: 2012
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Buy: Free album
Download: Revolt-Motion
Donate: www.thenonprofits.com

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