April 14, 2012

Kev Brown - Random Joints [Album & Instrumentals] (2012) Out now!

Kev Brown is current with the new album, called "Random Joints", the first release on his new label "Low Budget Records". The album consists of an album version, plus instrumentals. The album offer guest appearances from artists like: Bilal Salaam, Cy Young, DJ Marshall Law, DJ R.B.I., Eric Roberson, Eye-Q, Kenn Starr, Raheem Devaughn, Sean Born, Wayna, and yU of Diamond District. Entirely produced by Kev Brown. 

You can check out three tracks from the album on KdawG's Official You Tube channel (Promo):
Kev Brown - Random Joints (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial


01. Listen (Prod. Kev Brown)
02. The Randmon Joint (Prod. Kev Brown)
03. No TIme Feat. Bilal Salaam (Prod. Kev Brown)
04. The Versatility Joint Feat. DJ R.B.I. (Prod. Kev Brown)
05. The Alternative Rock Joint Feat. DJ R.B.I. (Prod. Kev Brown)
06. The Marvelous Joint Feat. yU of Diamond District, & DJ Marshall Law (Prod. Kev Brown)
07. The Hennessy Joint Feat. Kenn Starr, Raheem Devaughn, Eric Roberson, & Wayna (Prod. Kev Brown)
08. From My Porch Feat. Sean Born (Prod. Kev Brown)
09. Lord Help Me Feat. Eye-Q, & Cy Young (Prod. Kev Brown)
10. Another Random Joint (Prod. Kev Brown)
11. Heaven Feat. Raheem Devaughn (Prod. Kev Brown)
12. Chillin' (Prod. Kev Brown)
13. The Random Joint (Prod. Kev Brown)
14. No Time (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
15. The Versatility Joint (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
16. The Alternative Rock Joint (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
17. The Marvelous Joint (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
18. The Hennessy Joint (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
19. From My Porch (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
20. Lord Help Me (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
21. Another Random Joint (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
22. Heaven (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
23. Paul's MPC (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
24. Beautiful Creep Music (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
25. Stevie Thunda (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
26. Won-der-ful (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
27. Guitar Goodness (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental
28. Ron Burgundy Music (Prod. Kev Brown) Instrumental

Album: Random Joints
By: Kev Brown
Year: 2012
Label: Low Budget Records
Buy: undergroundhiphop.com

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