April 10, 2012

billy woods - History Will Absolve Me (2012) Out now!

billy woods of Super Chron Flight Brothers are out with the album "History Will Absolve Me" Through the label backwoodz studioz. You can check out two of the tracks at KdawG's Youtube channel. If you feel the sounds please buy the album and support REAL HIP HOP! The album featuring artists like Massai Bey, Roc Marciano, Elucid, L'Wren, Junclassic, and Marq Spekt. The sounds are really amazing - many great tracks. Anyway, the best track of the album maybe "The Wake" who is produced by Willie Green.

The album offer guest appearances from artists like: Massai Bey, Roc Marciano of U.N., Elucid, L'Wren, Junclassic, MarQ Spekt, and Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox. Productions from: Willie Green, Marmaduke, A.M. Breakups, Essex Dogs, Nasa, Dig Dug, and Lex Boogie.


backwoodz studioz official homepage:

01. A Mis Enemigos (High Tide) (Prod. Marmaduke)
02. Crocodile Tears (Prod. Willie Green)
03. The Man Who Would Be King (Prod. Marmaduke)
04. Ca$h 4 Gold (Prod. Marmaduke)
05. Body Of Work Feat. Massai Bey, & Roc Marciano of U.N. (Prod. Willie Green)
06. The Foreigner (Prod. A.M. Breakups)
07. Bill Cosby (Prod. Willie Green)
08. Freedman's Bureau Feat. Elucid (Prod. Marmaduke)
09. Headband (Bonus) (Prod. Essex Dogs)
10. Blue Dream Feat. L'Wren (Prod. Man Mantis)
11. DMCA (Prod. Willie Green)
12. Pompeii (Prod. Willie Green)
13. Duck Hunt (Prod. A.M. Breakups)
14. Nigerian Email (Prod. Marmaduke)
15. Pump Up the Volume Feat. L'Wren (Prod. Nasa)
16. Famous Last Words Feat. Junclassic, & MarQ Spekt (Prod. Willie Green)
17. Sour Grapes Feat. Elucid (Prod. A.M. Breakups)
18. Human Resources (Prod. Willie Green, & Dig Dug)
19. The Wake (Prod. Willie Green)
20. The Darkness (Bonus) Feat. Vordul Mega of Cannibal Ox (Prod. Lex Boogie)

Album: History Will Absolve Me
By: billy woods
Year: 2012
Label: Backwoodz Studioz
Buy: undergroundhiphop.com, itunes.apple.com, amazon.com

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