June 19, 2012

Fake Four Inc. - A Record Label Sampler Vol. 4 (2012) Out now!

The independent Record Label, Fake Four Inc./Fake Four Records, releases the fourth volume of "A Record Label Sampler". The album consists of 18 tracks, from various albums and artists signed to the label. It's both released and exclusive new material from artists like Mike Eagle, Ceschi & Sage Francis, Dark Time Sunshine, Louis Logic, Myka 9 and Factor and cars & trains.

You can check out six tracks from the album on KdawG's Official Youtube channel:
Fake Four Inc. - A Record Label Sampler Vol. 4 (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

You can download the album for free, all you got to do is to join the email list through:

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01. Ceschi - Barley Alive Feat. Sage Francis (Prod. Factor)
02. Astronautalis - Contrails Feat. Tegan Quin
03. Child Actor - Getaway
04. Busdriver - Utilitarian Uses of Love
05. Dark Time Sunshine - A Walk In The Park
06. Open Mike Eagle - Rorschach
07. Cars & Trains - Coamy Waves
08. David Ramos - Still There
09. greencarpetedstairs - Birds and Bees
10. Paranoid Castle - Orca
11. Sixo - Gorgeous Feat. Awol One & Ceschi
12. Sole and Skyrider Band - All American Gangster
13. Myka 9 & Factor - You Are Free
14. Louis Logic - Hot Shit (Prod. Hot Sugar)
15. Gregory Pepper and His Problems - Persona Non Grata
16. Sixo - Rocker John Feat. LEILF (Kolt)
17. Mad Greges - Moldy Mold
18. Bleubird - Time 4real Feat- Ceschi

Album: A Record Label Sampler Vol. 4
By: Fake Four Inc.
Label: Fake Four Records
Buy: Free album
Download:  Fakefour

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Hey Bro, Awesome place ya got here! It's time to put higher consciousness back into Hip Hop. People are becoming bored with the meaningless garbage that passes for hip hop on the radio. :D Om Shanti

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