June 11, 2012

Wordsworth - The Photo Album (2012) Out now!

Wordsworth is finally out with the new album "The Photo Album" through Wordwide Communications. The album consists of 18 tracks (with 2 Bonus tracks included).
The album offer guest appearances from artists like: Adanita Ross, Range Da Messenger, Skeematics, Meleni Smith, Torae, TzariZM, DV Alias Khryst, J Black, House Of Princess J, Punchline, and Masta Ace. You also get a lot of productions from artists like: The ARE of K-Otix, Hezekiah, Skeematics, TzariZM, Ervin L, Ford Ill, Frequency, Apollo Brown, Archbishop, Style MiSia, Dave Notti, Belief, Ill Poetic, and 13 Beats.

You can check out two tracks from the album (as usual for PROMO) on KdawG Official's Youtube channel: Wordsworth - The Photo Album by KdawG (Official) - Indie Hip Hop

If you feel it, please support Real Hip Hop & purchase the album!

01. Destiny Feat. Adanita Ross (Prod. The ARE of K-Otix)
02. Until I Win Feat. Range Da Messenger (Prod. Hezekiah)
03. Betrayed Feat. Skeematics (Prod. Skeematics)
04. Mirror Mirror (Prod. Hezekiah)
05. Coloring Book Feat. Meleni Smith (Prod. The ARE of K-Otix)
06. Vendetta Feat. Torae, TzariZM, & DV Alias Khryst (Prod. TzariZM)
07. Knock On My Door (Prod. Ervin L. Ford lll)
08. Don't Settle Feat. J Black (Prod. Frequency)
09. Joy & Pain (Prod. Apollo Brown)
10. Start Over Feat. Range Da Messenger (Prod. Archbishop)
11. Big Dreamer (Prod. Style MiSia)
12. 911 Feat. Torae (Prod. Dave Notti)
13. The Oldest (Prod. Belief)
14. Feel Me (Prod. Ill Poetic)
15. All I Knew Feat. House Of Princess J
16. Vanish Feat. Punchline, & Masta Ace (Prod. Apollo Brown)
17. Reach (Bonus) (Prod. Dave Notti)
18. No Need To Explain (Bonus) (Prod. 13 Beats)

Album: The Photo Album
By: Wordsworth
Year: 2012
Label: Wordwide Communications
Buy: undergroundhiphop.com, itunes.apple.com, amazon.com

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