June 23, 2012

Grant Parks - Giant (2012) Out now!

Grant Parks and CoalMine Music releases thir 10th compilation CD called "Giant". The album is entirely produced by Grant Parks, and offer appearances from artists like Sadat X of Brand Nubian, El Da Sensei of the Artifacts, Craig G, Internal Quest of Jersey Sound Lab, Phil G, Pugs Atomz, Add-2, Vvs Verbal, Lumba Blackwood, Reks, Kenny Bogus, Straw Tha Vegas Don, Crystal La Juene, Crazy 8 (R.I.P.), LiL Mikey, Encyclopedia Brown, Fish Grease, Sweet Juices, 2 Tone, and D.O.A.

The Giant is dedicated to Khaldun Everage, R.I.P.
The album is released for free, and you can listen to five tracks from the album on KdawG's Youtube channel:
Grant Parks - Giant (2012) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

Download the album:

Check out more of Grant Parks and CoalMine Music:

01. Vvs Verbal - Late Night Pianos (Prod. Grant Parks)
02. Lumba Blackwood - Madness (Prod. Grant Parks)
03. Add-2, Phil G, & O-Type Star - Say Whatever (Prod. Grant Parks)
04. El Da Sensei, Internal Quest, & Phil G - Mic Pros (Prod. Grant Parks) (Cuts by DJ Hush)
05. Fish Grease - Sticks and Stones  (Prod. Grant Parks)
06. Sadat X - Runaway (Prod. Grant Parks)
07. Craig G, & Reks - Focused Remix (Prod. Grant Parks)
08. Pugs Atomz - You're My Weed (Prod. Grant Parks)
09. Encyclopedia Brown - Who Brought The Ruckus (Prod. Grant Parks)
10. Crystal Lajuene - Falling In Love (Prod. Grant Parks)
11. Crazy 8 (R.I.P.) - Wolf Tickets (Prod. Grant Parks)
12. Kenny Bogus and Sandman - Wayne Brady (Prod. Grant Parks)
13. Turtle Banxx - We Whats Happenin (Prod. Grant Parks)
14. Sweet Juices - Slow Down (Prod. Grant Parks)
15. Straw (The Vegas Don), LiL Mikey, 2 Tone, & D.O.A. - Designer Clothes (Prod. Grant Parks)

Album: Giant
By: Grant Parks
Year: 2012
Label: CoalMine Records
Buy: Free album
Download: CoalMine Music

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