June 24, 2012

Immortal Technique - The Martyr (2011) [DELAYED REVIEW]

Immortal Technique - The Martyr (2011)

Immortal Technique releases his new solo album "The Martyr". The album consists of 16 tracks and offer guest appearances from artists like Dead Prez, Mojo of Dujeous, Diabolic, Swave Sevah, Gomez, Mela Machinko, Akir, Beast 1333, Styles P, Vinnie Paz, Poison Pen, Dr. John Henrik Clarke (Voice), Joell Ortiz, Pumpkinhead, CF, Panama Alba, Cetan Wanbli, Lockjaw, Nakai and Cornel West. Productions from: Southpaw, DJ Green Lantern, Shuko, J. Dilla, Slimfass, The Molemen, and Engineer.

You can check out the album on KdawG's Official Youtube channel:
Immortal Technique - The Martyr (2011) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

01. Burn This
02. The Martyr (Prod. Southpaw)
03. Angels & Demons Feat. Dead Prez (Prod. DJ Green Lantern)
04. Rich Man's World (1%) (Prod. Shuko)
05. Toast to the Dead (Prod. J. Dilla)
06. Eyes in the Sky Feat. Mojo of Dujeous (Prod. Southpaw)
07. Goonies Feat. Diabolic, Swave Sevah, & Gomez (Prod. Southpaw)
08. Natural Beauty Feat. Mela Machinko (Prod. Slimfass)
09. Running Nowhere (Interlude) (Prod. Southpaw)
11. Mark of The Beast Feat. Akir & Beast 1333 (Prod. The Molemen)
12. Black Viking Feat. Styles P, Vinnie Paz, & Poison Pen (Prod. Southpaw)
13. Conquerors w/ Dr. John Henrik Clarke (Prod. Engineer)
14. Young Lords Feat. Joell Ortiz, Pumpkinhead, CF, & Panama Alba (Prod. Southpaw)
15. Ultimas Palabras (Prod. Immortal Technique & Southpaw)
16. Sign of the Times Feat. Cetan Wanbli, Lockjaw Nakai, & Cornel West (Prod. Southpaw)

Album: The Martyr
By: Immortal Technique
Year: 2011
Label: -
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