June 03, 2012

El*A*Kwents Presents: Noncompliance: The People's Bailout (2012) Out now!

El*A*Kwents is current with his new release "Noncompliance: The People's Bailout". The album consists of six tracks, and offer guest appearances from Wellis Fool on "More Than Dope" - Track number five.

El*A*Kwents give you conscious lyrics, in a spiritual and revolutionary way. The artist is all about spreading the truth and a strong message, over some great productions. You can check out the album on Spiritual Revolutionary Hip Hop @ Youtube: El*A*Kwents - Noncompliance (Playlist)

If you feel the album you can support the artists through the listen of it - And download the whole (FREE) album on "SpiritualHipHop.info"


01. El*A*Kwents Intro
02. El*A*Kwents - Humanitarian
03. El*A*Kwents - Haunt Your Dreams
04. El*A*Kwents - Operation Northwoods
05. El*A*Kwents Feat. Wellis Fool - More Than Dope
06. El*A*Kwents - Venenum

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Album: Noncompliance
By: El*A*Kwents
Year: 2012
Label: None
Buy: Free album
Download: SpiritualHipHop.Info

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