June 09, 2012

Erks Orion & Zieke Sounds - Mothership (2012) Out now!

Erks Orion and Zieke Sounds is out with their collabo-album "Mothership" through Revolt Motion Recordings. The album offer some guest appearances, from artists like El*A*Kwents, Fabian Bret, Sebas, Iris, Immacullate Kid, Kalki, Sebastian Catoni Jwala, Miztitlan, Ben Alal, & Kogeemo.
The album consists of 19 tracks. The album is free, so support it through the listen of it!

You can check out the album right here (Spiritual Revolutionary Hip Hop @ Youtube):
Erks Orion & Zieke Sounds - Mothership (2012) Playlist by TheSpiritualHipHop

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Revolt Motion Recordings:


01. Intro (Mothership)
02. God On Earth
03. Cambio de era Feat. Fabian Bret
04. Agarramaelas Feat. Sebas & Jwalla
05. El fin del Mundo Feat. Iris
06. Golden Ink Feat. Immacullate Kid & Kalki
07. Siempre Feat. Sebastian Catoni Jwala
08. El Aqua del Manana Feat. Sebastian Cantoni
09. Erks In This
10. Real Hip Hop
11. Listen Feat. Miztitlan
12. Missin In Action MC
13. Last Tiger
14. And This Very Chill Feat. Ben Alal
15. Respect la de Aca Feat. Ben Alal
16. My Mothership Feat. Ben Alal
17. Kogeemo & Erks - 40 Days & 40 Nights
18. Purify Feat. El*A*Kwents
19. Where Do We Come From...

Album: Mothership
By: Erks Orion & Zieke Sounds
Year: 2012
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Buy: Free album
Download: Revolt-Motion

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