June 10, 2012

Zieke Sounds - Fake Leaders (2012) Out now!

Zieke Sounds is current with his new album called "Fake Leaders". The album consists of 12 tracks, and offer a lot of guest appearances.Katha Underground, Zach Trudeau Childs, Whiteman Blacksoul, Ronin Priest, Taiko Izanagi, Iguan, Delegado Fresh, Mr. Coronas, AD1, Beester, Z.S., Sintomas Clan, Life Scientist, Heilig, Secret Swords, Freakous 999, Immaculate Kidd, Erks Orion, & Kalik are all featured on the album. Cuts by DJ Twisted on track number 04. "Smooth Mais Explicite" Feat. Iguan.

The artist releases the album for free - So make sure to support through the listen of it.


00. Fake Leaders Feat. Katha Underground
01. Satanic Verses Feat. Zach Trudeau Childs
02. Walk With Me This Way Feat. Whiteman Blacksoul
03. Contenplation Feat. Ronin Priest & Taiko Izanagi
04. Smooth Mais Explicite Feat. Iguan (Cuts by DJ Twisted)
05. Voluntad Feat. Delegado Freshh
06. La Calle Feat. Mr. Coronas
07. Chasing Snakes Feat. AD1
08. Multiple Faces Feat. Beester & Z.S.
09. The Strategy Of The Gladiator Feat. Sintomas Clan & Life Scientist
10. Heilig Feat. Dark Energy
11. Scar Town Feat. Secret Swords, AD1, & Freakous 999
12. Golden Ink Feat. Immaculate Kidd, Erks Orion, & Kalik.

Album: Fake Leaders
By: Zieke Sounds
Year: 2012
Label: -
Buy: Free album
Download: -

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