July 31, 2015

L'Orange & Kool Keith - Time? Astonishing! (2015) Out now!

Kool Keith teams up with producer L'Orange to release "Time? Astonishing!" through
Mello Music Group.

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Track Listing:

01. Time? Astonishing! (Produced by L'Orange)
02. The Traveler Feat. J-Live (Produced by L'Orange)
03. The Green Ray (Produced by L'Orange)
04. Twenty Fifty Three Feat. Mr. Lif (Produced by L'Orange)
05. Meanwhile, Back Home Feat. Open Mike Eagle (Produced by L'Orange)
06. The Wanderer (Produced by L'Orange)
07. This New World Feat. Blu, Montage One, & DJ Trackstar (Produced by L'Orange)
08. Dr. Bipolar (Produced by L'Orange)
09. Suspended Animation Feat. MC Paul Barman (Produced by L'Orange)
10. I Need Out Of This World Feat. MindsOne (Produced by L'Orange)
11. Upwards. To Space! (Produced by L'Orange)
12. Days I Used To Know (Produced by L'Orange)
13. Sometimes I Feel (Produced by L'Orange) (Bonus Track)

Album: Time? Astonishing!
L'Orange & Kool Keith
Release Date:
July 25, 2015
Record Label:
Mello Music Group
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