August 11, 2015

Zagnif Nori of Noble Scity - Ferrum EP (2015) Out Now!

After his critically acclaimed debut album "The Meridian Gem" from 2013 and his first EP "Grandeur" from the same year, Zagnif Nori now releases his 2nd EP entitled "Ferrum" through Noble Scity Music.

The EP consists of seven tracks, and features guest appearances from artists such as:
King Author, Ali Ciddy, Crucial The Guillotine, Kaotny, Illy Vas, and P. Genz.

Also if you have been sleeping on it, don't forget that KdawG & S-R-H-H, Ent. did a interview with Zagnif Nori back in 2013. Check it out right here: S-R-H-H Presents: KdawG Interview with Zagnif Nori of Noble Scity

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Track Listing:

01. The Road
02. Indigenous Feat. King Author, Ali Ciddy, & Crucial The Guillotine (Produced by Crucial The Guillotine)
03. Scity Highness Feat. Kaotny, & Illy Vas (Produced by Illy Vas)
04. Natural High Feat. P. Genz (Produced by Crucial The Guillotine)
05. Guava Nectar (Produced by Crucial The Guillotine)
06. Penthrite (Produced by Crucial The Guillotine)
07. Still Kings (Produced by Illy Vas)

Album: Ferrum EP
Artist(s): Zagnif Nori of Noble Scity
Year: 2015
Release Date: June 30, 2015
Record Label: Noble Scity Music
Buy: Bandcamp

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