March 25, 2013

Beast 1333 - MCCCXXXIII Vol. 2 (2013) Out now!

Beast 1333 finally releases his brand new album, the sequel to "MCCCXXXIII Vol. 1", - MCCCXXXIII Vol. 2! The album consists of whole 25 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists like: Immortal Technique, Akir, KRS One, J. Littles, Infinite7Mind, Sabotage, Danegurous of Shadow People, 9er, and Darrgen G. Productions from: Nevahmind, Molemen, Reinol, 9er, King Solomon, Nils, Keko on the Beat, DJ 247, Niko "La" Tesla, Don Carlsson, and Mr. Freeze.


Track Listing:
01. Mouth of Madness (Produced by Nevahmind) Remix
02. Anonymous
03. Mark of the Beast Feat. Immortal Technique, Akir, & Beast 1333 (Produced by Molemen)
04. Templars Of Hip Hop (We Are) (Produced by Nevahmind)
05. A.B.C.'s (Resistance Alphabet) (Produced by Nevahmind)
06. Origins (Produced by Reinol)
07. Exogenesis (Produced by Nevahmind)
08. Diaries Of The Scene (Produced by Reinol)
09. The Spirit Of Hip Hop (Produced by Nevahmind)
10. Altered Beast Feat. 9er (Produced by 9er)
11. Reflection (Produced by Nevahmind)
12. A Christmas Story (Produced by King Solomon)
13. Confessions (Produced by Nevahmind)
14. Fuck Em (Produced by King Solomon)
15. G.uiding O.ur D.irection Feat. KRS One, & J. Littles (Produced by King Solomon)
16. Communion (Produced by Nils)
17. Cannot Be Stopped Feat. Beast 1333, & Infinite7Mind (Produced by Keko on the Beat)
18. Oscarwatcher 1.0 (Produced by DJ 247)
19. The Dying Process (Produced by Niko "La" Tesla)
20. The One (Produced by Lord Gamma)
21. We Are Legion Feat. Infinite7Mind (Produced by Reinol)
22. You Don't Fit In The Gang Feat. Sabotage, & Beast 1333 (Produced by Don Carlsson)
23. Worlds Combine Feat. Danegurous, Beast 1333, Darrgen G, & Infinite7Mind (Produced by Mr. Freeze)
24. Anonymous (Produced by Nevahmind) Metal Remix
25. The Lost Tapes 2 (Produced by Reinol)

Album: MCCCXXXIII Vol. 2
By: Beast 1333
Year: 2013
Release Date: March 13, 2013
Label: N/A
Official Homepage: N/A
Buy: Bandcamp

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