March 10, 2013

Guerilla Alliance - Empire of Fear LP (Coming Soon)

Check out the brand new 5th single off of the "Empire of Fear LP" by Guerilla Alliance, to be released on Planet X Records LLC.

The LP will offer guest appearances from artists like: the West Coast Activist Highdro from Las Vegas NV,
Richard Raw aka Tehutimos from Philadelphia, Rasul Allah7 of the legendary The Lost Children Of Babylon,
Tone Spliff, Block McCloud of Army Of The Pharaohs, among many others! Productions from Macabean, Amos The Ancient Prophet, among many others.

Guerilla Alliance - Scimitar Feat. Highdro, & Richard Raw aka Tehutimos (Prod. Macabean the Rebel)

Check out more official leaks from the project on Planet X Records LLC's official YouTube channel: 

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