February 28, 2013

Son of Saturn - The Escape Artist Volume Two (2013) Out now!

The Escape Artist Volume Two, the sequel to "The Escape Artist EP", by Son of Saturn is finally here, released through Revolt Motion Recordings.

The EP consists of 13 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: Lone Ninja of Twin Perils, Tha Soloist, Just One, Morbski, Poetic AL, DJ Joon, Phes1, Misk, YedidYah Ben Sion, Kalki of Vimanas Project, and York Siddhartha. The intro track #1 "High Coup De Grâce also feauting speeches from Jack Kerouac and Poetic AL over a jazzy sample.
Productions from: Soul Shinobi, Eon RA, Lord Gamma, Ganjak, TCG, Anabolic, The White Shadow Of Norway, Aquarius Minded,
Bambu Hands, and Nix Productions.

You can check out two tracks on KdawG's Official YouTube Channel (Promo):
Son of Saturn - The Escape Artist Volume Two (2013) Playlist by KdawGOfficial



Track Listing:

01. High Coup De Grâce (Jack Kerouac & Poetic AL)
02. Evasive Maneuverz (Produced by Soul Shinobi)
03. Atisha'z Heart (Produced by Eon RA)
04. Poetic AL Enterlude 1
05. Inner Force Centerz Feat. Lone Ninja of Twin Perils (Produced by Lord Gamma)
06. Other Emz Feat. The Soloist, & Just One (Produced by Ganjak)
07. The Narrow Trail Feat. Morbski (Produced by TCG)
08. A Bad Batch of Momentum Feat. Poetic AL, & DJ Joon (Produced by Anabolic, & The White Shadow Of Norway)
09. Invasion of The Bravehearted Feat. Phes1, Misk, & YedidYah Ben Sion (Produced by The White Shadow Of Norway)
10. Poetic AL Enterlude 2
11. Vision Shifted Feat. Kalki of Vimanas Project (Produced by Aquarius Minded)
12. 3rd Eye of The Storm Feat. Poetic AL (Produced by Bambu Hands)
13. Puro Amor Feat. York Siddhartha (Produced by Nix Productions)

EP: The Escape Artist Volume Two
By: Son of Saturn of The Beat Poets & Vimanas Project
Year: 2013
Release Date: March 03, 2013
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Official Homepage: Revolt Motion Recordings
Buy: Bandcamp

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