February 22, 2015

Flip - Reflections (2015) Out now!

Flip is out with his new album entitled "Reflections", released through Ill Adrenaline Records. The 14-track deep project offers guest appearances from: 14KT of Athletic Mic League, A.G. of D.I.T.C., Big Tone, Cymarshall Law, EDO.G, Elzhi (formerly of Slum Village), Guilty Simpson, Jamall Bufford aka Buff1 of Athletic Mic League, Kev Brown, Killah Priest of Sunz Of Man, King Solomon, LMNO of Visionaries, Now On, Phat Kat, Pseudo Slang, Skit Slam, and Tragic Allies (Purpose, Estee Nack, Codenine & Paranom). Productions from: Flip.

Available in these online stores:

UGHH (UndergroundHipHop.com)

Track Listing:
01. Reflections Intro (Produced by Flip)
02. Dreaming Feat. A.G. of D.I.T.C. (Produced by Flip)
03. Without Warning Feat. Elzhi (formerly of Slum Village), & Phat Kat (Produced by Flip)
04. Hip Hop At War Feat. Cymarshall Law, & Skit Slam (Produced by Flip)
05. P U S H Feat. EDO.G (Produced by Flip)
06. Do Sumthin' Feat. Jamall Bufford aka Buff1 of Athletic Mic League, Now On, & 14KT of Athletic Mic League) (Produced by Flip)
07. Sweet Music Interlude (Produced by Flip)
08. Top Chillin' Feat. Kev Brown, & LMNO of Visionaries (Produced by Flip)
09. Newagemotivationalmusic Feat. King Solomon (Produced by Flip)
10. 3xDope Feat. Phat Kat, Guilty Simpson, & Big Tone (Produced by Flip)
11. Streets Interlude (Produced by Flip)
12. Danke Feat. Pseudo Slang (Produced by Flip)
13. Mysteries Feat. Tragic Allies (Purpose, Estee Nack, Codenine & Paranom), &
Killah Priest of Sunz Of Man (Produced by Flip)
14. Reflections Outro (Produced by Flip)

Album: Reflections
Release Date:
February 17, 2015
Record Label:
Ill Adrenaline Records
UGHH, Amazon

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