March 21, 2015

Jise - The Passion Of Jise (2015) Out now!

The Arsonists member Jise is current with his new solo album, entitled "The Passion Of Jise", released through Creative Juices Music. The album consists of 16 tracks, and offers guest appearances and productions from artists like: Freestyle of Arsonists, ILL Bill of La Coka Nostra & Non Phixion, Loki Velez, DJ Insite, Dras79, Frank Sasoon, MOODS, MastaMind, Nuttkase, and Q-Unique of Arsonists.

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Track Listing:
01. Intro (Produced by DJ Insite)
02. Daddy's Lil Girl Feat. Loki Velez (Produced by Q-Unique of Arsonists)
03. At First Site (Interlude)
04. Jane & Tarzan (Produced by Nuttkase)
05. The Best (Produced by DJ Insite)
06. Mommy's Sunshine (Produced by IDE)
07. Mr. Sunshine (Produced by Q-Unique of Arsonists)
08. Doubt (Interlude) (Produced by IDE)
09. Feed Of The Morning Feat. ILL Bill of La Coka Nostra & Non Phixion (Produced by DJ Insite)
10. Blood Of Jise (Produced by Q-Unique of Arsonists)
11. Fall Feat. Freestyle of Arsonists (Produced by Dras79, & MastaMind)
12. Light Of Day (Produced by Q-Unique of Arsonists)
13. Smoke Dusk (Interlude) (Produced by DJ Insite)
14. Hope 4 the Future (Produced by Q-Unique)
15. Revolution (Interlude) (Produced by Frank Sasoon)
16. The End (Produced by MOODS)

The Passion Of Jise
Jise of Arsonists
Release Date:
March 17, 2015
Record Label:
Creative Juices Music
UGHH, Amazon

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