January 23, 2016

DJ Brans - Endless (2016) Out now!

Three years after the release of "The Branstorm", DJ Brans is back with a brand new full-length album release entitled "Endless", released through Effiscienz. The album offers guest appearances from artists such as: Blaq Poet of Screwball, Dirt Platoon, Guilty Simpson, M.O.P., Planet Asia, among many others.

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Amazon (Vinyl)

Track Listing:
01. Thunder Volts Feat. Planet Asia (Produced by DJ Brans)
02. Adrenaline Rush Feat. Rasco, & Dj Djaz (Produced by DJ Brans)
03. Getting Right Feat. Guilty Simpson (Produced by DJ Brans)
04. Drop Zone Feat. B.A.M., M.O.P. (Lil Fame & Billy Danze), & Dj Djaz (Produced by DJ Brans)
05. Make My Mark Feat. Fel Sweetenberg, & Dj Djaz (Produced by DJ Brans)
06. Craziest Mother Fucker Feat. Blaq Poet of Screwball, & Dj Djaz (Produced by DJ Brans)
07. Endless (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
08. Inflated Feat. Wildelux, & Dj Djaz (Produced by DJ Brans)
09. Let's Make a Toast Feat. Nutso, & Dj Djaz (Produced by DJ Brans)
10. My Peoplez Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq (Produced by DJ Brans)
11. War At Young Door Feat. Starvin B (Produced by DJ Brans)
12. Powerful Feat. Dirt Platoon, & Fel Sweetenberg (Produced by DJ Brans)
13. Thunder Volts (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
14. Adrenaline Rush (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
15. Gettring Right (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
16. Drop Zone (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
17. Make My Mark (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
18. Craziest Mother Fucker (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
19. Inflated (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
20. Let's Make a Toast (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
21. My Peoplez (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
22. War At Your Door (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)
23. Powerful (Produced by DJ Brans) (Instrumental)

Album: Endless
DJ Brans
Release Date:
January 15, 2016
Record Label:
UGHH, Bandcamp, Amazon, Amazon (Vinyl)

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