November 07, 2014

Hassaan Mackey & Kev Brown - That Grit (2014) Out now!

Kev Brown teams up with fellow Low Budget Crew member Hassaan Mackey to release their brand new collabo-album entitled "That Grit", released through Ill Adrenaline Records and Low Budget Records. The album consists of 10 tracks, plus five instrumental versions. Asheru, Eye-Q, Grap Luva of INI, Kaimbr, Kenn Starr, Kev Brown, Toine of DTMD, and yU of Diamond District are all featured on the album. Entirely produced by Kev Brown.

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Track Listing:
01. Intro (Produced by Kev Brown)
02. Git Em' Feat. yU of Diamond District, Toine of DTMD, Kaimbr, Eye-Q, & Kev Brown (Produced by Kev Brown)
03. Dope Feat. Kaimbr, & Kev Brown (Produced by Kev Brown)
04. Money Mike Feat. Kev Brown, & Kenn Starr (Produced by Kev Brown)
05. Yatti Feat. Kaimbr (Produced by Kev Brown)
06. Hassaan Be Rappin' (Produced by Kev Brown)
07. What You Got Feat. Kev Brown, Asheru, & Grap Luva of INI (Produced by Kev Brown)
08. Simone (Louder) (Produced by Kev Brown)
09. War (Produced by Kev Brown)
10. Git Em' (Produced by Kev Brown) Instrumental
11. Dope (Produced by Kev Brown) Instrumental
12. Money Mike (Produced by Kev Brown) Instrumental
13. Yatti (Produced by Kev Brown) Instrumental
14. Hassaan Be Rappin' (Produced by Kev Brown) Instrumental
15. What You Got (Produced by Kev Brown) Instrumental

Album: That Grit
Hassaan Mackey & Kev Brown
Release Date:
November 04, 2014
Record Label:
Ill Adrenaline Records; Low Budget Records
UGHH, Amazon

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