November 14, 2014

Omniscence - The Raw Factor (2014) Out now!

Omniscence's album "The Raw Factor", is one of the last of the unreleased mid-90's albums
to see the light of day. The album was supposed to be released on Elektra Records way
back in March, 1996. Eighteen years have passed, but finally - Here It Is! The 18-track
deep album is released on Gentleman's Relief Records. The album includes guest -
appearances from artists such as: Big Kap, Lil' Kalef, Rock of Brick Flava, and Sadat -
X of Brand Nubian. Produced by Fanatic, and Rheji Burrell.

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Track Listing:
01. Amazin' (Produced by Rheji Burrell) (1996)
02. Nuff Love (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
03. Raw Factor (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
04. Dick Suck Feat. Big Kap (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
05. If You Got Beef (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
06. My Main Man (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
07. Represent Feat. Lil' Kalef (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
08. When I Make Parole Feat. Rock of Brick Flava (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
09. I'm On Mine (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
10. Was It Just You (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
11. We Lust For The Papes (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
12. I Gotta Maintain (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
13. Touch Y'all (Produced by Fanatic) (1996)
14. Wrecognize (Produced by Fanatic) (Bonus Track) (1993)
15. Freestyle After A Philly (Produced by Fanatic) (Bonus Track) (1993)
16. Touch Y'all (Remix) (Produced by Fanatic) (Bonus Track) (1993)
17. Amazin' (3 Boyz From Newark Remix) (Produced by Fanatic) (Bonus Track) (1993)
18. Youch Y'all (Remix 2) (Unlisted Bonus Track) (1993)

Album: The Raw Factor
Release Date:
November 11, 2014
Record Label:
Gentleman's Relief Records
UGHH, Bandcamp

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