January 11, 2013

Fresh Air - Before The Storm EP (2013) Out now!

Fresh Air releases his brand new tape, entitled "Before The Storm". The EP consists of eight tracks, entirely produced by Fresh Air himself.

You can check out the EP on Indie Hip Hop's Official YouTube channel (Operated by KdawG for Promo):
Fresh Air - Before The Storm (2013) Playlist by IndieHipHop1

Free Download (Bandcamp):

Track Listing:

01. Duck + Cover (Produced by Fresh Air)
02. No Hook (Produced by Fresh Air)
03. For Now (Produced by Fresh Air)
04. Splenda + Chicken Tenders (Produced by Fresh Air)
05. Nothin Unique (Produced by Fresh Air)
06. Years (Produced by Fresh Air)
07. Go Head (Produced by Fresh Air)
08. Yeah (Produced by Fresh Air)

EP: Before The Storm
By: Fresh Air
Year: 2013
Release Date: January 09, 2013
Label: -
Buy: Free Album
Download: Bandcamp

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