January 11, 2013

White Mic & AgentStriknine - The VEGETABLE & the ALIEN (2012) Out now!

White Mic & AgentStriknine released their latest collaborations album, entitled "The VEGETABLE & the ALIEN" on December 24, 2012. The album consists of 10 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: Self Jupiter, CountBassD, the farmer, PitchBlackGold, Equipto, Word Up, Moka Only, MF Grimm, Lesk one, PwEsquire, NimOne, and DaveDub.

You can check out the album on Indie Hip Hop's Official YouTube channel (Operated by KdawG for Promo):
The VEGETABLE & the ALIEN - The VEGETABLE & the ALIEN (2012) Playlist by IndieHipHop1

Free Download/Name your own price (Bandcamp):

Track Listing:

01. V&A
02. That's Jupiter Feat. Self Jupiter
03. Like New
04. Rocket Science Feat. CountBassD
05. Wavy Gravy Raps Feat. the farmer
06. Self Destruction Feat. PitchBlackGold
07. WE Conform Feat. Equipto, & Word Up
08. Social Media Feat. Moka Only
09. We Outta Here Feat. MF Grimm
10. Martian Mc's Feat. Lesk one, PwEsquire, NimOne, & DaveDub

Album: The VEGETABLE & the ALIEN
By: White Mic & AgentStriknine
Year: 2012
Release Date: December 24, 2012
Label: -
Buy: Free Album
Download: Bandcamp

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