January 10, 2013

Kalki - Exceptional Features Vol. 5 (2013) Out now!

 Artwork by: B0ilZ vs. knOTtS

Kalki releases yet another new album, the long awaited "Exceptional Features Vol. 5" - The sequel to "Exceptional Features Vol. 4" and the fifth album in the Exceptional Features series.

The album consists of 12 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists like: Soul Shinobi, Vice Versa, Kyriel, Psycho Mind, Mookdatruth War, Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu, Mighty Kalipssus, Dr. Creep, Diesis I, Bensalem, Erks Orion, Grom aka Old Child, Louie Sad, Immaculate Kidd, Routiger Slob, Bliss of Ascended Masters & The Beat Poets, War Generalz, Graveyard Shifter, Dee Da Limbless, Yedidyah Ben Sion, Son of Saturn of The Beat Poets, Life Scientist, David T. Ruth, Infrared Da Rippa, and TekNeek. Productions from: Merky Waters, Apoka Underground, Badaud Prod, Norman Krates, Aquarius Minded, Ali 7, Routiger Slob, and Amos The Ancient Prophet.

You can check out the album on KdawG's Official YouTube channel (Promo):
Kalki - Exceptional Features Vol. 5 (2013) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

Free Download:

Track Listing:

01. Soul Shinobi Feat. Vice Versa, & Kalki - Temptations
02. Trips in my Head Feat. Kyriel (Produced by Merky Waters)
03. Amos The Ancient Prophet & Psycho Mind Feat. Kalki, & Mookdatruth War - The Third Eye (Cuts by DJ Joon)
04. Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu Feat. Kalki, Mighty Kalipssus, & Dr. Creep - Quadrivium (Produced by Apoka Underground)
05. Inwards Feat. Diesis I (Produced by Norman Krates)
06. True Masters Feat. Bensalem (Produced by Badaud Prod)
07. Universal Freedom Feat. Erks Orion (Produced by Aquarius Minded)
08. Grom aka Old Child Feat. Louie Sad, Immaculate Kidd, & Kalki - Flight of the Dragons
09. Revolutionary Message Feat. Erks Orion, & Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu (Produced by Ali 7)
10. Routiger Slob Feat. Kalki - Chemical Weapon (Produced by Routiger Slob)
11. Soul Shinobi Feat. Kali, & Bliss - Empty Form
12. Duck & Cover (Bliss, War Generalz, Graveyard Shifter, Dee Da Limbless, Yedidyah Ben Sion, Son of Saturn, Life Scientist, David T. Ruth, Infrared Da Rippa,
Kalki, & TekNeek)

Album: Exceptional Features Vol. 5
By: Kalki
Year: 2013
Release Date: January 10, 2013
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Official Homepage: Revolt Motion Recordings
Buy: Free Album
Download: Revolt-Motion

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