May 25, 2013

Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu - Corpus Addendum (2013) Out now!

Artwork by: Mars Gate

Brand new album by Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu, entitled "Corpus Addendum", released through Revolt Motion Recordings May 25, 2013. The album consists of 16 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: Si-Klon, Kalki, Son of Saturn, Wormhole, Riishii G7, Erks Orion, Immaculate Kidd, Secret Swords. Productions from: Yaku, Tekone, FRZ, Lord Gamma, Amos The Ancient Prophet, Daemon Beats, Dr. Creep, Soul Shinobi, PiArt, BadProd Rikordz, Zieke Sounds, Unknown, and MelanKO.  
Cuts by: DJ Twisted and DJ Joon.

You can check out some tracks from the album on KdawG's Official YouTube channel (Promo):

Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu - Corpus Addendum (2013) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

And one track on Revolt Motion Recordings official YouTube channel:

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You can download the album for free:

Artwork by: Mars Gate

Track Listing:
01. Le Dessein De L'univers (Produced by Yaku)
02. La Majesté De Ma'at (Produced by Tekone)
03. Traité Alchimique (Produced by FRZ, Cuts by DJ Twisted)
04. Corps Ethérique Feat. Bensalem (Produced by Lord Gamma, Cuts by DJ Joon)
05. Cause Substantielle Feat. Si-Klon (Produced by Amos The Ancient Prophet)
06. Darkness Passes Feat. Kalki (Produced by Daemon Beats)
07. Maîtres de Sagesse Feat. Kalki, & Son of Saturn (Produced by Daemon Beats)
08. L'empreinte Des Dieux (Produced by Dr. Creep)
09. Mysteria Mystica Maxima Feat. Wormhole (Produced by Soul Shinobi, Cuts by DJ Joon)
10. Champ Morphogénétique Feat. Riishii G7 (Produced by PiArt, Cuts by DJ Joon)
11. Projet Divulgation (Produced by Daemon Beats)
12. Le Plongeon d'Achamoth (Produced by BadProd Rikordz)
13. Red Planet Feat. Erks Orion, Kalki, Immaculate Kidd, & Secret Swords (Produced by Zieke Sounds)
14. Chroniques De Tiamat (Produced by Unknown)
15. L'épopée De Création (Produced by PiArt)
16. Programme Etranger (Produced by MelanKO)

Album: Corpus Addendum
By: Antahkarana Heru Ki Nabu
Year: 2013
Release Date: May 25, 2013
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Official Homepage:
Buy: Free album

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