May 22, 2013

Habeas Corpus - Breath Of Fresh Air (2013) Out now!

Habeas Corpus releases his brand new album, entitled "Breath Of Fresh Air", which consists of 16 tracks, entirely produced by Habeas himself. The album also offers guest appearances from artists like: Eral the Lorax, General X, James Ciphurphace, DJ Delight, Danger James, Talk-Sik, Al Basics, John Henry vs. Seth Mul, iLLrated, Childish, Alpha Sigma, and Lips Loucious. 

As Habeas say with his own words "Habeas is a 27 year old emcee/producer/audio engineer. He does his own production, writing, recording, mixing, and mastering. He started making Hip-Hop music back in 1998 and went to school for audio engineering 10 years later. He sounds like a mix between Atmosphere/Jedi Mind Tricks/Mac Lethal/El-P/Sage Francis/Oh No/Wu-Tang Clan /Madlib/RJD2/Soul Khan/Aesop Rock, all rolled into one person. His music doesn't always fit the usual Hip-Hop or Rap guidelines. He's constantly progressing and becoming better with each song. Instead of fitting into the regular guidelines of Rap and Hip-Hop, he's writing his own guidelines, which are very broad and unrestricted. Habeas is considered a vet in his home state of Arizona. He is most recognized as 1/3 of The Natives Are Restless and is also a staff member of the now National Emcee Battle League based out of Tucson, AZ called Voicebox Battles."

" This latest project is about Habeas taking the time to make his own solo album. The title track and first single "Breath Of Fresh Air (Gotta Get Away)" explains thoroughly the reasoning behind Habeas creating this solo album. Although the album was made for Habeas's own satisfaction and enjoyment, and not someoneone elses, it's basically a guideline for the up and coming rapper on how to make a hip hop album. Each song is very relatable for the 99% of the people in the world and their daily struggles. It's about not giving up and trying your best no matter what challenges are thrown at you. The sound for this album is clearly Boom Bap, Diggin' In The Crates, pure Hip-Hop, with multi syllable rhymes schemes, and internal rhyme patterns, with a 90's feel delivery and cadence. The lyrics never stray from the topic of the content on each song. It's a "Breath Of Fresh" musically and sonically from all the music industry puppets who lack creative control, it's also a "Breath Of Fresh Air" to help you cope and get away from the stresses of life that sometimes consumes us and makes us claustrophobic." - Habeas.

In other words, this is a up and coming hard-working artist, emcee, producer and engineer. Check out the album through the links under:


Track Listing:

01. Breath Of Fresh Air (Gotta Get Away) (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
02. Indestructible (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
03. Dream World (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
04. Politickin' (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
05. Geography Aerobics (Travelin' Man) Remix (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
06. Good Vs. Evil Feat. Eral the Lorax, General X, James Ciphurphace, & DJ Delight (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
07. Get Out My Life Feat. Danger James (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
08. The Way I Feel (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
09. Porno Radio Pt. Deux (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
10. Deception Feat. Talk-Sik, & Al Basics (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
11. Contemplate (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
12. Cipher Mechanics Feat. John Henry vs. Seth Mul, iLLrated, & Childish (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
13. Meeting The End Feat. Alpha Sigma, & Lips Loucious (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
14. Outro (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
15. Measure Greatness Feat. Eral (Bonus Track) (Produced by Habeas Corpus)
16. Anxiety Measures (Bonus Track) (Produced by Habeas Corpus)


Habeas talks about his new album (Interview)
Tracks from "Breath Of Fresh Air" Performed Live

Album: Breath Of Fresh Air
By: Habeas Corpus
Year: 2013
Release Date: May 28, 2013
Label: N/A
Buy: Bandcamp , Kunaki

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