May 19, 2013

Antony of Egypt (Kalki) - In The Beginning (Unreleased, 2000 - 2004) Now available on YouTube

You can now check out the "Oldie, but goodie" album "In The Beginning" by Kalki as Antony of Egypt. The album is a collection of unreleased tracks from 2000 - 2004. The album consists of 20 tracks, and offers productions from: L.A. (Remix), Ali Dahesh, David E, Crooklyn Dodgers (Remix), and DC Entel Beats. The album also features guest appearances from artists like: David E, Jibah, and La Conecta.

Check out the whole album on KdawG's Official YouTube channel (Promo):

Antony of Egypt (Kalki) - In The Beginning (2000 - 2004) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

Free Download:

Track Listing:

01. Crime Life (L.A. Remix)
02. Think Twice Feat. La Conecta (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
03. Heat (Turn It Up) (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
04. Mastering Pain (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
05. RIP Crime Life (Crooklyn Dodgers Remix)
06. Changement (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
07. Hell's Kitchen (Produced by DC Entel Beats)
08. Raw Feat. David E (Produced by David E)
09. Hard Case to Follow (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
10. Mic Fight (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
11. Surprise Feat. Jibah (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
12. Choices (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
13. Resolution (New World Order) (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
14. (R)evolution (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
15. U.S.A. (Unschooled Sacrilegeous Assimilation (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
16. Innocence Perdue (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
17. Soul Searching (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
18. Journey (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
19. Forgotten Scriptures (Produced by Ali Dahesh)
20. Sumerian Genesis (Produced by Ali Dahesh)

Album: In The Beginning (Unreleased, 2000 - 2004)
By: Antony of Egypt (Kalki)
Year: 2000 - 2004
Release Date: N/A
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Official Homepage: Revolt Motion Recordings
Buy: Free album

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