May 15, 2013

Godilla - Altered Beast (2013) Out now!

Artwork by:  Lateef A. Reid of CRMNL Elements

Godilla releases his brand new album, entitled "Altered Beast", - as a sequel to "Battle Beast: A Prelude To Human Zoo" (2012), through RedPhone Records. The album consists of 18 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists like: Aeyone Glomgold, Burke The Jurke, J.O. The Last Man, East Coast, Capitol-1Man of The Mexakinz, Slim DSM, True Grit, Nico The Beast, Rich Quick, June Marx of Twin Perils, GQ Nothin Pretty, Shallow Pockets of Psych Ward, Sick Six, Dr. Fowlmouf, Respect Tha God, Adlib, Ali Armz, and Ghetto MC. Productions from: DJ Absurd, Hakiki Bela, Aims, Haze Attacks, JBL The Titan, DJ Rybe, Tablis, The Snowgoons, Scarcity, Skammadix, Glomgold, X The Detective, and Jay-One. Cuts by: DJ TMB. The album is engineered by Marcus "M-Dot" Emery.

You can check out two tracks from the album on KdawG's Official YouTube channel (Promo):
Godilla - Altered Beast (2013) Playlist by KdawGOfficial

Free Download (Audiomack):


Track Listing:
01. Jungle King Intro (Produced by JBL The Titan, Cuts by DJ Absurd)
02. Mega City One
03. Terror Feat. Aeyone Glomgold, Burke The Jurke, & J.O. The Last Man (Produced by Hakiki Bela)
04. Get It How You Live Feat. East Coast (Produced by Aims)
05. Legal Aliens Feat. Capitol 1-Man of The Mexakinz (Produced by Haze Attacks, Cuts by DJ TMB)
06. Listen Here Feat. Slim DSM (Produced by JBL The Titan, Cuts by DJ TMB)
07. Lo Pense (Produced by DJ Rybe)
08. Fishscale Feat. True Grit, & Nico The Beast (Produced by JBL The Titan, Cuts by DJ TMB)
09. Juggling Act Feat. Rich Quick (Produced by Tablis)
10. Predator Or Prey Feat. June Marx of Twin Perils (Produced by The Snowgoons)
11. Wild Life Feat. GQ Nothin Pretty, & Shallow Pockets of Psych Ward (Produced by JBL The Titan)
12. Lost In Scarcity (Produced by Scarcity)
13. Show Love Feat. Sick Six, & Dr. Fowlmouf (Produced by Skammadix)
14. New Mutants Feat. Respect Tha God, & Glomgold (Produced by Glomgold)
15. Freedom Fighters Feat. Adlib, & Ali Armz (Produced by X The Detective, Cuts by DJ TMB)
16. Release The Kracken (Remix) Feat. Glomgold, & Ghetto MC (Produced by Jay-One)
17. Darkness (Bonus Track)
18. Burn Village

Album: Altered Beast
By: Godilla
Year: 2013
Release Date: May 09, 2013
Label: RedPhone Records
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