May 13, 2013

Danegurous - Underworld (2013) Out now!


The brand new album by Danegurous is now available in every online store. The album consists of 18 tracks, and offer guest appearances from artists like: Skratchaholiks, Anno Domini Beats, DJ Kwestion of Jedi Mind Tricks, DJ Trickalome, Reef The Lost Cauze of Army Of The Pharaohs, Burke The Jurke, Benihana Kenobi, King Magnetic, Termanology, The White Shadow Of Norway, DJ zashone, DJ Madhandz, Trill, Sean Strange, Block McCloud, Diabolic, and Apathy of Army Of The Pharaohs & Demigodz.


(New album from Danegurous, his second full-length studio album "Underworld" is now available through the artist himself. The album will be released on iTunes and Amazon as well, and S-R-H-H will keep you updated on it.)

Visit Danegurous on Facebook and message him for your physical or digital copy's of the brand new album: Danegurous

Track Listing:
01. Spintro Feat. Skratchaholiks (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
02. Underworld Feat. DJ Kwestion of Jedi Mind Tricks (Produced by Anno Domini Beats)
03. The Danegur Zone ll (Produced by DJ Trickalome)
04. Emcee Wizardy (Produced by DJ Trickalome)
05. Mathematics Feat. Reef The Lost Cauze of Army Of The Pharaohs, & Burke The Jurke
06. One of a Kind
07. Night Owlz Feat. Benihana Kenobi
08. Raw Wit It
09. Rhyme Elite Feat. King Magnetic (Produced by Termanology, Cuts by The White Shadow of Norway) 10. Golden Anthem Feat. DJ Zashone, & DJ Madhandz
11. His Story, Pt. 1
12. True Story Feat. DJ Trickalome, & Trill
13. Lock & Load Feat. DJ Madhandz
14. Strangers Feat. Sean Strange, & DJ Trickalome
15. Screws Loose Feat. Block McCloud
16. Demons Lair
17. Multisyllabus Feat. Diabolic, Apathy, & White Shadow Of Norway
18. League of Shadows Feat. Shadow People

Album: Underworld
By: Danegurous
Year: 2013
Release Date: May 08, 2013
Label: Grhyme Records
Buy: iTunes

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