May 30, 2013

Handbook - Rare Ivory (2013) Out now!

New EP by Handbook, 'Rare Ivory', released May 28, 2013. The EP consists of eight tracks, four of them produced by Handbook himself. Track number "05", "06", "07", and "08", is remixes by Astronautica, Mike Gao, Benedek, and Papi.

Free Download (Bandcamp):

Track Listing:
01. Intensify (Am I Real) (Produced by Handbook)
02. King For Hire (Produced by Handbook)
03. Enlightenment (Produced by Handbook)
04. Zodiac Theory (Produced by Handbook)
05. Intensify (Astronautica Remix)
06. King For Hire (Mike Gao Remix)
07. Zodiac Theory (Benedek Remix)
08. Enlightenment (Papi Remix)

EP: Rare Ivory
By: Handbook
Year: 2013
Release Date: May 28, 2013
Label: Filthy Fortune Records
Buy: Free album
Download:  Bandcamp

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