January 21, 2014

Antahlyzah - The Key Holderz (2014) Out now!

Revolt Motion Recordings presents Antahlyzah's brand new album release, entitled "The Key Holderz", released on January 21, 2014. The album consists of 17 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: KRS-One, Rakim, Kalki, Yedidyah Ben Sion, Terrance Mckenna, Imperial the Royal Sun, Alroc Delito, Brother Wendim Yadon, Son of Saturn of The Beat Poets, Owbese, Specific, Drac aka Vamp Da Lunar Tic (D.N.A.), Baba Zoom, Japetto (Rhythm Section), Lord Jamar, Slick C, and Lauren Hill.

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Track Listing:
01. Master Key Intro Feat. KRS-One, & Rakim
02. Where the Light Is Feat. Kalki, & Terrance Mckenna
03. Invisible Fence Feat. Yedidyah Ben Sion
04. Reignz of Life Feat. Imperial the Royal Sun
05. Brainstorm on the Youth Feat. Alroc Delito
06. Higher Calling Feat. Brother Wendim Yadon
07. The Key Holderz Feat. Son of Saturn
08. Stranger's of the Night Feat. Owbese
09. The Godz are Here Feat. Specific (Magnificent Ruffians)
10. Decoding the lies Feat. Drac aka Vamp Da Lunar Tic (D.N.A.)
11. Return of the Godz Feat. Drac aka Vamp Da Lunar Tic
12. Sun Rise 2 Sun Set
13. The Gift is Right Here Feat. Baba Zoom
14. Vast Incisionz Feat. Japetto (Rhythm Section), & Lord Jamar
15. You Didn't Listen Feat. Slick C
16. Soul Epic Feat. Drac aka Vamp Da Lunar Tic (D.N.A.)
17. Exit Key Outro Feat. Lauren Hill

Album: The Key Holderz
By: Antahlyzah
Year: 2014
Release Date: January 21, 2014
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings
Official Homepage: Revolt-Motion.com
Buy: Revolt-Motion.comBandcamp

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