January 09, 2014

Kwantum Mechanicz - XIV (2014) Out now!

Brand new release from the Kwantum Mechanicz hip hop-collective, entitled "XIV", released through Revolt Motion Recordings. The album consists of 13 instrumentals. Produced by DeeAre, JISAH, and Kapture Beats.

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Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Annei (Produced by DeeAre)
03. Miren Kaikyo (Produced by JISAH)
04. Gone And Forgotten (Produced by Kapture)
05. Itoku (Produced by DeeAre)
06. Flowers In The Morning (Produced by JISAH)
07. The End Times (Produced by Kapture)
08. Jimmu (Produced by DeeAre)
09. Tsuki Harada (Produced by JISAH)
10. The Legend Rizes (Produced by Kapture)
11. Koan (Produced by DeeAre)
12. Kosho (Produced by DeeAre)
13. Suizei (Produced by DeeAre)

Album: XIV
By: Kwantum Mechanicz
Year: 2014
Release Date: January 04, 2014
Label: Revolt Motion Recordings; Kwantum Mechanicz
Official Homepage: Revolt-Motion.com
Buy: Bandcamp

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