June 10, 2014

Open Mike Eagle - Dark Comedy (2014) Out now!

Brand new release from Open Mike Eagle, entitled "Dark Comedy", released on Mello Music Group. The album consists of  13 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artists such as: Hannibal Burress, Kool AD of Das Racist, and Toy Light. Productions from: Alpha MC, Cohen Beats, Dibia$e (Dibiase), Driver aka Busdriver, Elos, Illingsworth, Jeremiah Jae, Kenny Segal, Taco Neck, Toy Light, and Ultra Combo.

Available in these online stores:
UGHH (UndergroundHipHop.com)

Track Listing:
01. Dark Comedy Morning Show Feat. Toy Light (Produced by Toy Light)
02. Qualifiers (Produced by Taco Neck)
03. Thirsty Ego Raps (Produced by Illingsworth)
04. Golden Age Raps (Produced by Cohen Beats)
05. Very Much Money (Ice King Dream) (Produced by Ultra Combo)
06. Doug Stamper (Advice Raps) Feat. Hannibal Burress (Produced by Alpha MC)
07. Jon Lovitz (Fantasy Booking Yarn) (Produced by Dibia$e aka Dibiase)
08. Idaho (Produced by Kenny Segal)
09. Sadface Penance Raps (Produced by Alpha MC)
10. A History of Modern Dance (Produced by Jeremiah Jae)
11. Deathmate Black (Produced by Driver aka Busdriver)
12. Informations Feat. Kool AD of Das Racist (Produced by Elos)
13. Big Pretty Bridges (3 Days Off In Albuquerque) (Produced by Toy Light)

Album: Dark Comedy
Artist(s): Open Mike Eagle
Year: 2014
Release Date: June 10, 2014
Record Label: Mello Music Group
Buy: UGHH , Amazon

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