November 14, 2012

Bad Spit - "Pilegrim" (Soppaz Remixes) Video (2012) Out now!

KdawG has made a new video for the 20 minute long Soppaz Remixes of the Bad Spit album, entitled "Arkana". Soppaz has made four remixes - by the tracks entitled "Vandrer", "Ankomsten", "Krysset", and "M√łte Med En Djevel" by Bad Spit, taken from "Arkana" who was released last year (2011).

Bad Spit is known as the best underground emcee in Norway, and in this 20 minute long remix release he talks about controversial subjects as esoteric knowledge, Pilgrims, and so on. A veteran emcee spitting some knowledge right here, so don't sleep on this release - and watch the video to get a bigger picture of the lyrics, if you're not Norwegian.

The video is released on Spiritual Revolutionary Hip Hop's Official YouTube channel (Thespiritualhiphop).

Check out the new track, and the brand new video right here:

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