November 29, 2012

The Results Of The First Poll on S-R-H-H

Here is the first ever released poll on this page, from last week. The poll is now closed and the results is here.

The question was "What's your favorite of the latest releases by E.S.F./Masta Buildas?" - And as you can see - the clear winner, with four votes, is "Skillful Meanz" by Apakalypse and Son of Saturn. On the split second place, we got "Nocturnal Light" by Masta Buildas (Apakalypse & Atma) - And one person voted for "All of them" as well. With that in mind, we can say that the conclusion is that every album is dope, but as already said - The clear winner this time, turned out to be "Skillful Meanz".

Thanks to all the people that took their time to vote - And we hope to see even more voters for the next poll.
Peace and Love!

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