February 28, 2014

Bad Spit - Katarsis EP (2014) Out now!

The Norwegian veteran emcee and producer, Bad Spit, is current with a brand new EP, entitled "Katarsis", released through Armageddish Fetish. The EP is entirely produced by Rite.

Available in these online stores:

Check out one promo track from the EP on KdawG's Official YouTube channel as well:
Bad Spit - Katarsis EP (2014) Playlist by KdawG Official

Track Listing:
01. Fra Kaos (Produced by Rite)
02. Lyden Av L√łgn Feat. Soinner (Produced by Rite)
03. Blinde Menn (Produced by Rite)
04. Frem I Lyset (Produced by Rite)
05. Diagonalt (Remix) (Produced by Rite)

EP: Katarsis
By: Bad Spit
Year: 2014
Release Date: February 28, 2014
Label: Armageddish Fetish
Buy: iTunes

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