April 11, 2014

Chief Kamachi - Radio Raheem (Pre-Order)

Chief Kamachi's upcoming brand new album "Radio Raheem", is set to be released on May 06, 2014, through Noize Gallery Music. The track listing is already official, and you can read it below.

As you can see in the track listing below, the album will be featuring a few guest appearances as well, from DJ Tmb on the cuts, and Johnny Popcorn.

Pre-Orders now available:

S-R-H-H will keep you updated and posted about the album release from Kamachi.

Official Track Listing for "Radio Raheem":
01. Back 2 the Breaks Feat. DJ Tmb
02. Cotton Feat. DJ Tmb
03. Grill Cheese
04. The Dream
05. Suede Pumas
06. Revolt Seven Feat. Johnny Popcorn
07. Queen Tut
08. 700
09. Young Scholars
10. Decade of Scars
11. Break the Cycle

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