April 11, 2014

L'Orange - The Orchid Days (2014) Out now!

Mello Music Group presents L'Orange - "The Orchid Days", released on April 15, 2014. The album consists of 19 tracks, and offers guest appearances from artis like: Blu, Erica Lane, Erik Todd Dellums, Homeboy Sandman, Jeremiah Jae, and billy woods of Super Chron Flight Brothers & Armand Hammer. Entirely produced by L'Orange.

Available in these online stores:
UGHH (UndergroundHipHop.com)

Track Listing:
01. Unreliable Narrator Feat. Erik Todd Dellums (Produced by L'Orange)
02. Second Person (Produced by L'Orange)
03. Man of the Night Feat. Erica Lane (Produced by L'Orange)
04. The Pull of Warmth (Produced by L'Orange)
05. Mind Vs Matter Feat. Homeboy Sandman (Produced by L'Orange)
06. Eventually (Produced by L'Orange)
07. A Spring Like You (Produced by L'Orange)
08. Haiku (Produced by L'Orange)
09. Need You Feat. Blu (Produced by L'Orange)
10. For Those Who Don't (Produced by L'Orange)
11. Will Wait (Produced by L'Orange)
12. Panic (Produced by L'Orange)
13. The Stars We're Made Of (Produced by L'Orange)
14. Love Letter Feat. Jeremiah Jae (Produced by L'Orange)
15. Spilled Together (Produced by L'Orange)
16. The Orchard (Produced by L'Orange)
17. Like Nothing and Nobody (Produced by L'Orange)
18. The End Feat. billy woods of Super Chron Flight Brothers & Armand Hammer (Produced by L'Orange)
19. What Was Left (Produced by L'Orange)

Album The Orchid Days
Artist(s): L'Orange
Year: 2014
Release Date: April 15, 2014
Record Label: Mello Music Group
Buy: UGHH, iTunes, Amazon

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