May 25, 2012

Frantik - Project Warhead (2012) Out now!

Frantik - Project Warhead, released 05/15/2012 is now available on Spiritual Revolutionary Hip Hop's Official YouTube channel. The album consists of 21 tracks, including some guest productions from Decipher 73i, El-R, Rada Tha Rebeliouz, and more.

It is a strong album, without a doubt. Thought-provoking lines from start to finish, and great productions from Frantik him self, and as I wrote over, also productions from Decipher 73i among other, and then you can't expect nothing but realness.

Check out 19 tracks @ Spiritual Revolutionary Hip Hop on Youtube:

Download the album for free:

01. Project Warhead
02. Strange Greed (Prod. Rada Tha Rebeliouz)
03. Purpose (Prod. El-R)
04. What Do I See (Prod. Frantik)
05. Past, Present Future (Good, Evil Neutral) (Prod. Frantik)
06. The Reach (Prod. El-R)
07. Suddenly (Prod. Frantik)
08. Gratitude (Prod. Rada Tha Rebeliouz)
09. Too Many Nights (Prod. Frantik)
10. Fine Line
11. The Shodown (Prod. Rada Tha Rebeliouz)
12. Agents Coming After Me (Prod. Frantik)
13. Times Up (Prod. El-R)
14. Millenia Of Pain
15. The Reason Why (Reflections) (Prod. Frantik)
16. Remember Me (Prod. Frantik)
17. Tide Of Turmoil (Prod. Rada Tha Rebeliouz)
18. Da Art Of Hearts Breaking
19. The Hope (Prod. Decipher 73i)
20. Priormath (Outro)
21. Roadkill (Bonus Track)

Album: Project Warhead
By: Frantik
Year: 2012
Label: Insane Asylum Multimedia
Buy: Free album

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