May 31, 2012

Kevlaar 7 - Die Ageless (2012) Out now!

Kevlaar 7 - Die Ageless (Through Black Day in July Production) Now available in several online stores; like iTunes and Amazon. The brand new record consists of 19 tracks.

The album offers guest appearances from artists like: Salute da Kidd, Solomon Childs, Sha Stimuli, Ras Kass, Zagnif Nori, Victorious Aka Crown Vic, Bugsy da God, Rain The Quiet Storm, Wisemen, June Megalodon, Bronze Nazareth, Illah Dayz, Phillie, and George Clinton.

You can check out one track on KdawG's Official Youtube channel (Promo):

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01. Intro (This Is Life)
02. Am I Wrong For Trying (The Prelude)
03. Kings Feat. Salute da Kidd
04. Solstice
05. We Gon' Make It Feat. Solomon Childs
06. Sons of The Most High Feat. Sha Stimuli, & Ras Kass
07. Federal Reserve Note
08. Famine O'clock Feat. Zagnif Nori, Victorious Aka Crown Vic, & Bugsy da God
09. Losing Hand Gamble Feat. Rain The Quiet Storm
10. My People
11. Duel Of The Minds Feat. Wisemen, June Megalodon, Bronze Nazareth, Salute da Kidd, Illah Dayz, & Phillie
12. I'm Open
13. The Lean Feat. Salute da Kidd
14. Fallen Angel
15. Breakout!
16. Someday Feat. Bronze Nazareth, & June Megalodon
17. Metamophosis Feat. George Clinton
18. Now
19. Final Call

Album: Die Ageless
By: Kevlaar 7
Year: 2012
Label: Black Day in July Productions


Zagnif Nori said...

Much respect! Support the album!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, one of the best albums out this year. Underrated a fuck.


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