May 25, 2012

Suff Daddy - Suff Sells (2012) Out now!

Suff Daddy is out with his fourth album "Suff Sells" through the independent Hip Hop label Melting Pot Music. His last album was "The Gin Diaries", but the latest release before this album was still the Re-Issue of his first album "Efil4Fuss".

The new album offer guest appearances from Miles Bonny, Fleur Earth, Vertual Vertigo, Twit One, Hulk Hodn and Elzhi. "Suff Sells" includes 29 brand new tracks, as usual it's straight Boom Bap Hip Hop(!)

With the album you got various sounds, but all the tracks have in common, that they are straight up banging. On the track "Elephant" u actually also got the "Horror-Style", Jazz in "Quicc Jazz", and much more dope sounds!

Make sure to purchase the new album and support real hip hop.


Playlist (2) Tracks (Promotional):

01. Intro (Ela Drums Restored) (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
02. P.G.O.B. Feat. Miles Bonny (Produced by Suff Daddy)
03. Feeling Allright (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
04. Drinks (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
05. Jimmy Smith Interlude (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
06. Quicc Beat (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
07. Pattern Select (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
08. Giscar Sob Feat. Flat Pocket (Twit One & Lazy Jones) (Produced by Suff Daddy)
09. Ultimate Interlude (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
10. Dr. Banard (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumentals]
11. Bad Night Out (Prod. Suff Daddy] [Instrumental]
12. Stein Im Brett Feat. Fleur Earth (Produced by Suff Daddy)
13. Make It Drip (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
14. Lovin You (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
15. K.C. Vodka (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
16. Dexter Wansel Interlude (Produced by Suff Daddy)
17. Det2bln Feat. Phat Kat, & Elzhi of Slum Village (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
18. Quicc Jazz (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
19. Suff Disco (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
20. Take'em To The Kiosk (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
21. Elephant (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
22. Bo Break (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
23. Gimlet Feat. Hulk Hodn (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
24. Beate (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
25. Cold Lampin (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
26. Twisted Feat. Vertual Vertigo (Produced by Suff Daddy)
27. Dilemma (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
28. Supersilverhaze (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]
29. Flakey (Prod. Suff Daddy) [Instrumental]

Album: Suff Sells
By: Suff Daddy
Year: 2012
Label: Melting Pot Music

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